Have a great summer!

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The Department of Education and Lifelong Learning and education authorities are seeking feedback from parents, educational assistants, and youth service workers regarding the delivery of individual programming and respite services offered to students with special educational needs during our recent period of home learning due to COVID-19.
Your participation in the survey is important and very much appreciated. Results will be used only to identify the strengths and challenges of the programming provided.• The survey takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
• Your responses are anonymous and confidential. There is no way to see your name or email address.
• Results go directly to survey coordinators at the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning and are recorded on a secure site.
• The survey will close at 4 PM on Tuesday, June 23.

• The link to the survey is https://forms.gle/QpSah14o9Y8L9GsS8
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Chrome Books

Please return all chrome book devices to your homeroom teacher at your end-of-the year activity.

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Dear Grade 6 Students & Parents:

It is our pleasure to inform all of you about our end of the school year gathering here at Stratford Elementary.  As you can imagine, there has been lots of planning on how we can celebrate 165 Grade 6 students while following the guidelines from our CPHO.  This is what we have planned:
-We will be celebrating on June 17th and 18th and your homeroom teacher will give you a time to arrive and dismiss.
-Each student may be accompanied by two guests (maximum of three people including the student.)  This needs to be respected as we have number restrictions.
-All students and two guests will line up in the bus zone at a pylon.  Staff will be in the area to instruct you.
-Students will enter the Gym by the side door; guests to follow.
-Each student’s name will be announced and he/she will proceed to the stage; walk onto the stage; pick up his/her Grade Six Certificate and exit the stage (guest can take pictures.)
-The student will then go to the area marked two meters from his/her teacher for a photo, if desired.
-The student and guests will exit the Gym. The student may join his classmates in the designated area on the playground while the guests return to their vehicles and wait for their student.
-Students will be able to do activities with their class group and teacher.  Time slots will be 45 minutes long and this includes the Gym and playground activities.
Janet Cameron

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School Supply Fee For Incoming Grade 3 Students

 Parents can now register and pay fees on our Hot Lunch Program at https://stratford.hotlunches.net .
Please follow these instructions for new students to SES:
Register Parent
– Click on “Click Here to Register”
– Enter Access Code SEHL
– Complete the rest of the registration form
– Click the “Register Now” button at the bottom.
Register Student(s):
– Log in using your username and ID
– Click on the “Students” button
– Click on “Add New” button and enter the child’s name and home room class of 3N. Choose “Insert” if you have another child to ad. All “new” students to Grade 3 are requested to choose the the Home Room of 3N Shelly King-Compton for all incoming Grade 3 students. We will update this information with the correct home room for you in by September. Please ensure you only choose this home room for ‘new students.’

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students, and Staff;

As we move into June and the last month of school for the 2019-2020 school year, Public Schools Branch (PSB) staff are working diligently on the many year-end tasks and are planning and preparing to ensure success for September 2020. In accordance with the provisions of Phase 3 in Renew PEI, school staffs have more opportunities to support students and families throughout the month of June.

Teachers are available to schedule in-person appointments with students who wish to review their learning, the Respite Program is being offered in all PSB schools, some teachers are connecting with students through Google Meet, and PSB consultants and school counsellors have begun to reach out to families needing specialized supports. Home learning will continue until June 12 for high school students and June 19 for K-9 students.

Schools have been very successful in finding ways to maintain connections and relationships with students and families. As we continue to navigate our changing landscape and find our way through these unprecedented times, we want to thank students, families and staff for their efforts and for working together.

Take care,

Parker Grimmer

Director, Public Schools Branch

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Posting for Parents

We want to thank all of the families who visited Stratford Elementary School last week to pick up student belongings. This being done, we also want you to know that teachers are available to help students with learning instructions. Home learning will continue until June 19th and it is available to all students. If you or your child wish to meet with his/her teacher regarding learning, please contact the teacher. These meetings can be in person, virtual or by phone all the while protecting CPHO regulations.

We are presently planning end-of-the-year activities. All grades will be celebrated sometime between June 17th and June 26th. Further information with details will be coming to students through home room teachers. Stay tuned!

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We have been very impressed with the work of our teachers, who have migrated to home learning platforms with tremendous efficiency and creativity during this global pandemic.  Teachers have been very busy preparing lessons, providing feedback on learning, connecting with students, working through year-end transition processes and supporting the social and emotional well-being of students. Teachers have and continue to be available to students and families through various means of communication.

Like all Islanders, staff at the Public Schools Branch (PSB) have been very encouraged with recent messaging from the province and the Chief Public Health Office (CPHO), including the positive trend toward lifting restrictions on mobility and gatherings in PEI. As home learning continues to unfold, we are able to consider broader opportunities to connect and engage with students and families. We would like to provide you with an update.

In accordance with the provisions outlined in Renew PEI, new possibilities for staff and students to connect at their respective school will be available. With the easing of restrictions, PSB staff may be available to provide additional support to students. 

As restrictions are being lifted, PSB staff are excited that there are greater opportunities to connect with students to support academic and well-being needs. Teachers will be reaching out to their students with options they can participate in.  

In addition, Respite Programming will begin operating at all 56 PSB schools. Please contact respite@edu.pe.ca or (902) 368-4997 for more information.

Student Services consultants and specialists will be in contact with families as additional supports become available. For more information please contact supportforfamilies@edu.pe.ca or (902) 368-5155.

Schools are excitedly working on plans for High School Graduations and year end closing activities, within the public health guidelines outlined by the Chief Public Health Office.  While activities will not look the same as in previous years, schools are committed to offering a unique experience to mark the end of the school year and wish their students well.

Parker Grimmer

Public Schools Branch

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PEI Literacy Alliance – Ready Set Learn Summer Tutoring Program

The PEI Literacy Alliance is excited to launch their Ready Set Learn summer tutoring program for another year! Because of Covid-19, the process to apply is a little different this year. Parents – please click the following link to get started: https://peiliteracy.ca/ready-set-learn/ The application form for Ready Set Learn will open Monday, May 25.

Ready Set Learn is a free one-to-one tutoring program for children in grades K to 6 who need it the most. Each child selected for the program will receives 1 hour/week of free tutoring for 8 weeks over July and August in a fun and positive learning environment. For younger children this may be two 30-minute sessions a week. Changes to this year’s program due to Covid-19 include:

  • Tutors will work one-to-one with children virtually through Zoom Classroom.
  • Each child will receive a Literacy Kit to be used during tutoring sessions.
  • Parents will have to sign a legal waiver.

Parker Grimmer

Public Schools Branch
P.O. Box 8600
Charlottetown, P.E.I.  C1A 8V7
(Phone)368-6841 (Fax)368-6843

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May 20, 2020

‘It’s like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.’ – E. L. Doctorow

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students, and Staff;

Have you ever noticed when driving late at night that the road ahead is pitch-black? Even though our headlights are on, we still can only see a little ways down that road. This limited sight line requires us to stay attentive with our hands firmly on the wheel to navigate the part of the road we can see, so we can safely make the entire trip. The same can be said for how we navigate our lives and plan for the future during this pandemic.

While we do not know what will happen in the distant future, we don’t need to. We can trust others for leading and caring for us, have faith in the contributions we can make, and navigate the unknowns as they arrive. We can successfully travel the whole journey through COVID–19 that way.

Our recent planning and navigating has ensured the Respite Program is off to a smooth start. The program is being utilized by 215 students and has been a welcomed support to their parents and caregivers.

Planning is also underway for some PSB staff to safely return to their work places. Custodians and cleaners started back to schools full-time this week and administrative assistants will be back part-time next week.

Operational plans allowing schools to complete essential tasks have been approved by the Chief Public Health Officer. These plans include packing up student items (desks and lockers) and working with families to distribute these items, providing Term 2 Report Cards to K-9 students who have not yet received them, collecting library books or other items on loan etc. Schools will communicate their detailed plans with families soon. Given the difference in school populations and layouts, things may be done differently at each school. However, we can assure you that approved safety guidelines will be followed.

Additional activities and planning include, year-end student transition planning by our Student Services teams, exploring the use of Google Meet for some high school teachers and students, wrapping up Chromebook deliveries to over 1000 students, preparing for summer school, finalizing school supply lists and packaging Welcome to Kindergarten bags.

American novelist E. L. Doctorow’s quotation at the beginning of the message is our reminder that we don’t need to know everything in the future. We need only know enough to make hopeful, wise, and realistic plans. If together we don’t go too fast or deny the limitations, and we stay focused on the road directly ahead, the journey will be much more successful.

Thank you and take care,

Parker Grimmer

Director, Public Schools Branch

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