Zoning and Transportation

Welcome to the Public Schools Branch Transportation Web Portal.

The following search options are available for you:

School Information For a general boundary map of a particular school zone:  Choose the school you are looking for from the drop down list provided.  The map and school information associated with your choice will be displayed.  You will have the option to enlarge the map to be provided with street detail.
School Eligibility For information on which school you will attend in relation to an address:  Enter the address information and grade/program,  then click Submit.  The school information for your zone will appear.
Transportation Eligibility To verify your eligibility for transportation based on an address:  Enter the address information and grade/program,  then click Submit.  The information will show the school for your zone, based on the address provided, along with information on whether or not you are eligible for transportation.

Parent Portal


To subscribe to email notifications, or to sign in and review your child’s current transportation details:  Follow the instructions provided to sign in or sign up.


The information available through this utility is updated on a regular basis. Every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate and current; however, this cannot be guaranteed.

All times are approximate.

If you require further information or clarification, please contact Transportation Services at 902-368-6990 or 1-800-280-7965 toll free.

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