Information for First School Day, Tuesday, September 8th

The first day of school is now right around the corner. We are so excited to welcome all the students on Tuesday, September 8th. Just a reminder that students in grade 1-6 will have a regular school day. Students in Kindergarten will not be starting until 9:30 on the first day. Kindergarten parents can use the bus loop to drop students off on the first day of school.

Student Pre-Screening:

A pre-screening checklist will be sent home with students on the first of school. You can also access it by clicking on the follow link:
This pre-screening has to be done daily by parents for each child before they come to school.

Drop-off Procedures:

If you are dropping off your student for school, please be aware that there is potential that there could be a long line-up of parents waiting to drop off their children. We are asking for your cooperation and patience as we all work together to ensure the safety of our students. We will only be unloading a number of cars at a time. Parents must remain in their vehicle. Students can only exit the vehicle when a staff member signals that it is okay to do so. This year, drop-off will look a bit different. We will have the roadway and vehicles will be directed to pull up into the loop closest to the front door. Only when directed within this loop can students disembark from their vehicle. The first car within the loop will be directed to pull up to the end of the loop. There will be staff members out front directing parents and students. Please make sure that your child knows that they need to get out of the car quickly as there will be others waiting in line. Please have your child practice unbuckling their seatbelt. If they need help, a staff member will assist. Educational Assistants will be there to meet specific students who may need assistance.

Door Entrances for Students
Students in 6B and 6D will be located in the mobiles. These students are to go to the entrance closest to the bus loop to get into the mobiles.
Students in Grade 5, as well as 6A and 6C are to go around to the bus loop to enter the school through the grade 5/6 wing doors.
Students in Grade 3 and 4 will use a new entrance on the side of the 3/4 wing closest to the library. There are wooden stairs leading up to the doorway.

Students in Grade 2 are to go to the gym side of the school and enter through the gym doors.
Students in Grade 1B and 1C are to use the front doors to enter the school.
Students in KC, KD, and 1A are to enter the school using the Kindergarten door closest to the bus loop.
Students in KA and KB are to enter the school using the Kindergarten door closest to the K/1 playground.
End of the Day Pick-Up
At the end of the day, it is really important that parents do not congregate at the 5/6 doors to wait for their child. We have very strict procedures in place at school where we are keeping students separated and within their cohort. If parents are waiting out at the grade 5/6 door, there will be way too many people mixing and impossible to do contact tracing in the even of a positive case.  At the end of the day, teachers will be bringing all students out (except for Hangout students). They will ensure that their students going on the bus get on first. Students who are biking and walking will also be dismissed at this time. The teachers will then be walking students who are getting picked up to the front of the school.

Parents are asked to meet their child at the doors indicated above based on their class. Please remember that parents need to practice physical distancing, and it is strongly recommended that you wear a non-medical mask. Please make sure that you are standing at least 15 feet away from the door entrances. Please stay where you are standing, and your child will come to you.

Access to the School
Just a reminder that if parents need to pick up a student during the school day, you are asked to remain in your vehicle and call the school. We will send your child out to meet you. We really need to minimize parent access to the school unless it is an emergency situation. Parents who have children in the Hangout Program are also not permitted in the school. You will need to call the Hangout program to let them know your child has arrived, and also call the Hangout Program when you are there to pick up your child.

Labelling Student Belongings
Please label your child’s belongings, especially clothing and footwear.

Water Bottles/Lunch
Our water fountains are closed off due to Covid-19. Please make sure your child brings one or two water bottles to school each day. If your child needs a utensil for their lunch, please make sure you send it to school with them in their lunch bag. Just a reminder that the food program will not start until September 14th. Students will need to bring their snack and lunch with them.

Forms Package
A forms package will be going home on the first day. It is very important that you review it and send it back the next day.
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