A case of head lice (pediculosis) has been found in our school.

Please check your child’s hair for lice and eggs.

School children get head lice more often than adults. When children play, their heads often touch, allowing lice to crawl from head to head. Head lice can spread by direct head to head contact, however lice can live away from a human host for up to three days.

If you do find that your child has head lice, please inform the school.

Additional information can be obtained from Health PEI – Public Health Nursing or follow this link:

Information for Parents & Caregivers – Head Lice (Canadian Paediatric Society)

*An approved treatment (such as Nyda, R&C Shampoo, Resultz, or Nix) must be used before your child returns to school. Consult with your pharmacist or other medical practitioner about the best product to use.

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