Thursday – Day 6

Chicken Tater Bowl served with side fruit or 1oz low fat cookie and small milk or juice.

Big Thank You:
ATTENTION ALL STONEPARK STAFF: Remember that lunch tomorrow for all Admin Assistants, EAs, Youth Workers, Guidance Counsellors, Custodians and Teaching staff is being provided by Ocean 100 and Subway. If you have the good fortune to run into Isabella Stavert from 8C, please say thank you for her kind and thoughtful nomination.

School Uniforms:
All school soccer uniforms need to be passed into Mrs. Steele ASAP. This includes A and AA for boys and girls.

Boys Volleyball:
The boys volleyball team will be travelling to Summerside today for their “play-in” game at 5:00 to try to reach the playoffs. Players are asked to be at Summerside Intermediate for 4:30. If you have any questions or issues related to getting to Summerside tonight, come see Mr. Roche downstairs in grade 7 this morning some time.

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