Tuesday – Day 6

Whatever we have in the kitchen cupboards we will have this week.  Cafeteria menu will be starting next week. 

Boys & Girls Sports
All athletes in grades 7-8-9 are welcome to attend a try out regardless of experience.

Here are a few important reminders.

  1. All students must sign up on the bulletin board outside the gym doors by noon today for their chosen sport or will not be permitted to try out.
  2. The school will offer AA soccer and if numbers support an A team-the teams will be chosen from the players who attend the try outs today and tomorrow.
  3. Students must exit the building at the end of the day through their assigned door and meet on the assigned field. Students will not be permitted back in the building following the try out.
  4. Gym change rooms are not permitted so students will have to change into gym gear prior to the end of the day. Students can change in their cohort bathroom, respecting numbers.
  5. Try out times and field locations will be posted by the sign up sheets on the bulletin board outside the gym.
  6. Masks must be worn until asked to remove by your coach.
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