Mrs. Wilson’s Art-at-Home Challenge

Hey students of Stonepark school! Hope you Tigers are doing grrrreaaat !!

I’m sure some of you have been sketching, drawing, painting or doodling during this time. I would LOVE to see what you have been doing. If you or your parents/guardians use Facebook, feel free to leave a comment on our school page and add a picture. I know there are many talented students out there!!

I have also included and Art Challenge for May. If you draw on any day, please post as well.

Please check out Maurice Bernard’s videos on Youtube. Challenge your drawing skills with him! There are many videos out there to help you with your skills. Just google and you will find something in your area of interest. Try 10 Ways to fill a sketchbook. Also, there is Pinterest which is overwhelming with ideas for art. Check it out! Hope to see lots of pics!

Mrs. Wilson

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