Collecting Student Locker Contents and Returning School Materials

On Tuesday, May 26th, families will be able to pick up (drive thru style) their child’s term 2 report card and locker contents at the school at the times listed below. If you need to make alternate arrangements, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher. If you have more than one child attending Stonepark, please choose the time that works for you. Simply enter the upper parking lot entrance and proceed around loop toward the front doors. Classroom teachers will greet you, take your child/children’s name(s) and homeroom(s) and collect the items for you, and deliver to your car trunk or backseat. Parents and students are asked to remain in your vehicle at all times. Items will already be packed up by your child’s teacher and placed in the cafeteria for quick retrieval. If you are walking to pick up your child’s belongings, please go to the gazebo and we will bring them to you there.

At the same time, we will also be collecting any school items that your child may have at home. This would include any, or all, of the following: textbooks, library books, band items (books, instruments and sweaters), classroom library books, sports team jerseys, and Hockey Academy jerseys. Your child’s teacher will have a checklist of items missing from your child’s locker.

Schedule for curbside pick-up:
9:00 – 9A & 9B
9:30 – 9C & 9E
10:00 – 9F & 9G
10:30 – 9H & 9I
11:00 – 8A & 8B
11:30 – 8C & 8E
12:00 – 8F & 8G
12:30 – 8H & 8I
1:00 – 7A & 7B
1:30 – 7C & 7D
2:00 – 7E & 7F
2:30 – 7G & 7H
3:00 – 7I & 7J

Thank you!

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Food Safety With Mr. Stratton

In the Foods and Nutrition lab, we learn much more than cooking skills. Taking care of food storage in your home is called Food Safety. None of us want food to spoil, and go to waste. We also do not want to give our family and friends food poisoning by not preparing or storing food properly.

Below you will find links to some interesting information on Food Safety followed by a link to an “interactive website” that takes you through a typical restaurant kitchen, which shows us how to properly handle food.

If you like, try to take some time to view these videos and we’ll see you again next week, for more cooking skills from the Stonepark Foods and Nutrition Program.

Mr. Stratton


The Food Safety Guy!!

Six Simple Steps to Avoid food Poisoning

Chef Peter takes you on an Interactive Tour of a restaurant kitchen

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Mr. Stratton’s Cooking Videos, Part IV

Mr. Stratton is getting into entrees these days with his at-home cooking videos.  Check out his video below to see what you may be able to try in your home!

*As always, these activities are completely optional, and should be approved by an adult in the house before attempting.

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Mrs. Wilson’s Art-at-Home Challenge

Hey students of Stonepark school! Hope you Tigers are doing grrrreaaat !!

I’m sure some of you have been sketching, drawing, painting or doodling during this time. I would LOVE to see what you have been doing. If you or your parents/guardians use Facebook, feel free to leave a comment on our school page and add a picture. I know there are many talented students out there!!

I have also included and Art Challenge for May. If you draw on any day, please post as well.

Please check out Maurice Bernard’s videos on Youtube. Challenge your drawing skills with him! There are many videos out there to help you with your skills. Just google and you will find something in your area of interest. Try 10 Ways to fill a sketchbook. Also, there is Pinterest which is overwhelming with ideas for art. Check it out! Hope to see lots of pics!

Mrs. Wilson

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May Newsletter

As we turn the calendar to May, here is our second-to-last newsletter of the school year.

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Happy Birthday!

We didn’t forget about all our students and staff with birthdays during the last little while, and over the next few weeks, too.  Have a watch and, maybe, reach out to a friend to wish them happy birthday!


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Weekly Update from PSB

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students;

Former automobile racer Bobby Unser once said: ‘Success is where preparation and opportunity meet’. Some would say he was fortunate to have experienced the thrill of three Indianapolis 500 victories over his career. Success, however, is rarely a matter of luck, but more a matter of preparation, and of doing what needs to be done to be in the path of opportunity.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, PSB staff have been busy preparing and working with our partners, including parents and staff from the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, to ensure students can be as successful as possible learning from home. The efforts educational leaders and teachers have made around home learning during this pandemic has allowed students to be able to take advantage of opportunities and maintain connections. We thank parents and students for engaging with the learning materials and opportunities that have been provided. As we continue to respect the Public Health guidelines, home learning materials and opportunities for students will continue until we are able to all safely return to our schools.

Ask a Psychologist

Our Student Services team has launched an Ask a Psychologist section on their PSB Student Services Facebook page . If parents are wondering about how to manage bedtime worries, what to tell their teen who wants to visit friends, where to begin to structure their child’s day, or any other questions, they can write in and ask for advice from a school psychologist. Parents and students can also email a question to . Anonymous responses will be posted to the Facebook page so other parents can also benefit from the advice. Please check out the first video that answers a question that was recently posted about how to regulate children who have tantrums.

Home Learning Television Program

A great deal of preparation has gone into making the new home learning television program Head Hand Heart Connections. Tune in to the Community Channel on Eastlink (10 & 610) and take time to connect through stories, movement, music, art and language. Through a series of episodes focused on creativity, physical health and well-being; children, youth, and families can engage with educators and librarians and explore fun learning opportunities. Episodes will be aired on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday each week from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. until further notice.

Students and Parents are also encouraged to watch Language 4 Vous on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 11:30 a.m. on the Eastlink Community Channel. The show is suitable for children pre-kindergarten and older wishing to improve their English and French communication. Each 24 minute episode features a variety of videos varying in length on vocabulary, crafts, well-being, drawing, music, and other aspects of life. A majority of the show is meant to be interactive as students can follow along with many segments within the show and can send in their created works to . Language 4 Vous is created by a collaborating team of EAL and FAL itinerant teachers and specialists in PEI with the goal to help everyone improve.

Nothing can be achieved without preparation. We thank our staff who help prepare for student success. We thank you for taking care of each other, yourself, and remaining engaged with these educational opportunities at home.

Parker Grimmer

Director, Public Schools Branch

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Another Cool Kitchen Video from Mr. Stratton

Well, Mr. Stratton, our Foods and Nutrition teacher, is at it again!  Take a look at what recipe he is serving up today … maybe you can give it a try, too!

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Yearbook Video

We have compiled a little promotional video for our yearbook!  Looks awesome!

Ordering information is available here:

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High School Registration Documents

Here is a link to documentation for high school registration for both high schools.  This link will remain available on our top menu.

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