SKC School LibraryNeed Help with Research Projects?

School Cyber Themes

  • This site has tons of information — all geared for finding what you need on the Web.

So you have to do a research project?

  • This site has all kinds of information if you are stuck on a research project and don’t know what to do next.

Tips For Searching with Search Engines

  • Be as specific as possible. Start with specific terms or phrases, and then choose more general terms or use fewer terms if you are unsuccessful.
  • Enclose phrases in quotation marks. This is very effective when using most search engines.
  • Enter proper names with capital letters. Search engines are case-sensitive.
  • Word order can be important. Enter your most important concept first.
  • Be aware of ambiguous words. Think of the possible various meanings of words when conducting a search (e.g., China vs. china dishes or Ireland vs. Kathy Ireland).
  • If you don’t find what you want in the first twenty-five to thirty hits, start over. Change or modify your search.
  • Learn one or two search engines well.

Search Engines for Students

Ask Jeeves for Kids

  • Ask Jeeves for Kids has consistently been rated one of the best, if not the best, search engine for children (intermediate school and younger).

Awesome Library

  • Awesome Library offers different “libraries” for teachers, kids, teens, parents, librarians, and the community.

Google for Kids

  • This site has a lot of information–all geared for elementary students.


  • Yahooligans! is the kids’ version of Yahoo!, the mother of all directory search engines. It is explicitly designed for children ages seven to twelve years old.

Kids Click

  • Children’s librarians have categorized thousands of sites by subject, so that you can easily discover great sites for math games, butterflies, prime ministers, physics, pharaohs, etc.; This site is great for primary kids. You can specify what reading level for the selections.


Webster’s Dictionary

  • Look up words in a dictionary or thesarus, plus word games, etc.

Picture Dictionary

  • The Little Explorers picture dictionary is great for younger kids to look things up.


Encarta Online

  • Entries can be brief but helpful.

  • provides informational articles, atlas information, sounds, table, pictures, and videos on thousands of different topics.

The Encyclopedia Mythica

  • An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.

Reference Sites (Sites that can answer Questions)

Fact Monster

  • Fact Monster combines essential reference materials, fun facts and features, and free, individualized homework help.

Homework Help

  • This site has information on a wide number of subjects.

How Stuff Works

  • Clear, straightforward information on how stuff (everyday to fascinating) works.


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