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Sept 25/20

Today is Day 1.

Birthdays today: Shane Bedell

Weekend birthdays: Cody McCracken

The milk/hot lunch program will begin next Monday (organized by Home & School).

If anyone has permission forms for Cross Country, please send those in, as that will start next week.

Today is Hat day for $1, and all proceeds will go to the Terry Fox Foundation. We will continue hat day Fridays until the end of the October.  The Terry Fox walk/run will be today.  Class schedule was listed in yesterday’s post.

The girls soccer team played very well last night! Although they lost 5-2 vs. Morell, they fought very hard! Good job, girls!  Reminder, they will have practice at the Eastern Eagles soccer complex on Monday from 3:30-4:30.

Reminder to staff that we are having a staff meeting on Monday after school.

Sept 24/20

Today is Day 6.

No birthdays today, however Lacey Miller had a birthday yesterday!

Breakfast today: Yogurt & fruit

Breakfast tomorrow: Granola bar & juice

Terry Fox walk/run info for tomorrow:
The course layout will be to walk/run the parameters of the school.  We will do hat days on Fridays for $1 from now until the end of October. All proceeds will go to the Terry Fox Foundation.
11:00-11:30 – Gr 2
12:15-12:45 – Gr 7 & 8
12:45-1:15 – Gr 5 & 6
1:30-2:00 – Gr 3, 4, & split class
2:00-2:30 – Gr K & 1

Girls soccer team has a game today vs. Morell at 4:30 at the Eastern Eagles soccer complex.  Girls should be at the field by 3:45.

Permission forms for Cross Country should be returned asap, as that will start next week.  Dates/Times to be announced.

The library is now open.  Any returns that come in must be returned in the library bin placed in each classroom.  Do not place returns in the library.  Mrs. Moar will empty the bins on a regular basis.


Sept 22/20

Today is Day 5.

Birthdays today: Finley Hartlen

Breakfast today: Bagel & cream cheese

Breakfast tomorrow: yogurt & fruit

Reminder that the Home & School lunch program will begin next week.  This includes milk orders.  Ensure your orders are placed by tomorrow for next week!

Gr 7/8’s travel to MIS this afternoon for IHT class.

Order forms for the wrapping paper fundraiser will go home with students today or tomorrow.

Sept 21/20

Today is Day 4.

No birthdays today.

Breakfast today: Toast with jam/cinn/cheese

Breakfast tomorrow: Bagel & cream cheese

The girls soccer team will practice after school today from 2:30-3:30.

The Gr 7’s will be getting HPV needles this morning.

Reminder to Gr 7/8’s that IHT class is tomorrow at MIS.  If you still need to return a form for this class, please don’t forget to do so today or tomorrow morning.

We will have a fire drill this morning.


Sept 18/20

Today is Day 3.

No birthdays today.

Breakfast today: Granola bar & juice

Breakfast Monday: Toast with Cinn/jam/cheese

The girls soccer team will practice after school on Monday next week from 2:30-3:30 here.  Please ensure your permission form has been signed and passed in today or Monday if you have not done so already.

The Gr 7 class will be getting their HPV needles on Monday morning, and the nurse plans to start shortly after announcements.

Students are not to be throwing apples at recess.

Starting next Friday, we will do hat days for $1 until the end of October.  All proceeds will go to Terry Fox fundraiser.

Sept 17/20

Today is Day 2.

No birthdays today.

Breakfast today: Muffins & milk

Breakfast tomorrow: Granola bar & juice

Gr 7/8 girls: if you are participating on the soccer team, please ensure permission forms are signed and returned soon.

Sept 16/20

Today is Day 1.

Birthdays today: Adam Cann, Alan Sheppard & Mrs. K. Gordon!

Breakfast today: Dry cereal & half banana

Breakfast tomorrow: Muffins & milk

For those Gr 7/8 students interested in soccer: they were given a permission form and info letter to take home today from Mr. Bell.  Please sign and return asap if your child is participating.

In an attempt to reduce traffic backing out of areas of our playground, we have created a drive through behind the bus parking spots.  Parents will drive through and drop (or pickup) and leave. In order to maintain the integrity of the cleaning of the building, we encourage all parents to limit coming into the school.

There is a visitor zone established for parents who have to enter the school.  There are no more than three parents allowed in at a time.  Please wait outside if there are three waiting.  There are standing dots to allow for social distancing.  The visitors log will need to be signed by all visitors to the school.

There is a tote inside the first set of doors for drop offs (snow pants, lunch, etc).  There are post it notes and pens.  Please stick your child’s name to the item, and a staff member will deliver.

Parents: please refer to the website often as we will post announcements here firstly, and all school information here.  This website is your chief method to get information.  We will maintain our private Facebook group, but messages, questions, absences, will not be accepted here.  Parents need to call the school at 962-7400.

The breakfast program, and the Health lunch program started this week.  The lunch program operated by the Home & School will start on Mon, Sept 28th.

Please continue to be vigilant with your child in monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms.  The list of symptoms is found under the “Operational Plan and COVID Info for SKC” tab on this website.

Sept 15/20

Today is Day 6.

No birthdays today.

Breakfast today: Muffins & Yogurt drink

Breakfast tomorrow: Dry cereal & half banana

Reminders: If any students still have forms at home that have not been signed and returned, please do so asap.