Student’s Personal Belongings

LM Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


On Friday, May 29th, you are encouraged to come to LM for the pick-up of your children’s personal, school items. These items may include duotangs, journals, scribblers, pencil cases, indoor footwear, etc.  Home room teachers will be in the school before Friday, bagging and labeling items for your pick up.

The items to retrieve will include your child’s second report card (note: the final, third term report will be ready in late June, as in previous years. More information to come on this.).

Please see the attached schedule.  We’ve attempted to stagger the number of vehicles coming into the parking area at any one time.  You will simply drive up to your designated area, give your child’s/children’s name to the staff member on hand, and the bagged and tagged items will be passed to you.  There will be no need to enter the building, or park your vehicle, etc.

You’ll note that times for pick up are arranged in alphabetical order, by children’s last names.

Please contact the school on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning (May 25th, 26th or 27th) if you cannot make your designated pick up time.  We will coordinate another option for you.

Thank you for your help in getting student’s items returned to them!

-LM Administration


Last Name Initial Pick up time at LM
A – D 8am -9am
E – J 9am – 10 am
K – M 10am – 11am
N – R 11am – 12am
S – Z 12pm – 1pm


One final note: if you child has LM library books at home, these can be passed in during your pick up time!

If your child has an LM Montgomery Music shirt, these can be returned and their $5 deposit will be returned, during your scheduled pick up time.

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