Our Library

Our library is the heart-beat of our school. Nestled into the center of  the building, it  is always bustling with activity. We need to bring our library into the 21st Century and this page is going to document the process.

december 295 copy

We really need to re-stock our shelves.

april 056 copy

It was not unusual to find students nestled in the “stacks” sharing a book.

familyliteracynight 026 copy

Our Family Literacy Nights are always a success.

familyliteracynight 024 copy

088 copy

We were surely in need of a fresh paint job!

089 copy

All of the books were taken off the shelves and the shelves were moved. You will also notice the new wooden shelves. They were sanded by some wonderful parent volunteers.

088 copy

The books were put back onto the shelves for now. Our hope is to create more “shopable” shelves for the students.

048 copy

We were beyond excited when Three Oaks High School Students crafted this shelf to display some of our books!


The new paint has made a HUGE difference to the library. No more baby blue from floor to ceiling.

Image 2

Sometimes the space needs to get worse before it gets better. It is looking quite messy here.

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