Greenfield Clothing Orders!

A reminder that our Greenfield Clothing orders are here!  Parents can come to the school to pick orders up today and tomorrow before 2:15 (before buses).  You can pull up to the front door and call the office.  We will bring your items out to your car.   If you need to make other arrangements, call the office and we will see what we can do for you.

We have had parents asking about ordering.  The Greenfield Store is now closed but will open again for ordering on January 4th.

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Greenfield Clothing Arrives Tomorrow!

All orders for Greenfield clothing will be arriving tomorrow!

Parents will be able to pick up orders on Thursday and Friday between the hours of 9:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 3:30.

Parent can pull up to the front door and call the office. We can bring their items out to your car.

Teachers of Grade 6 students will be in touch to see if student’s hoodies can go home with them or if they wish to pick it up as it is will be a Christmas gift.

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Christmas Hamper News!

We have had such great success with our Gator Giving for the Christmas Hampers!  The response has been beyond what we expected for this unusual year.

We can not thank our students and families enough for all the big and little ways this effort has been supported. As in all other years, we came together as a community to give to those who need our help.  A great thank you to Karla Love who does so much to coordinated the work of our Christmas Hampers.  She had many wonderful “elves” who helped with the shopping and the wrapping of the gifts.  The St Eleanor’s Lions Club will be seeing that the families receive their gifts as well as hampers of food.

The winners of our Raffle Baskets were Gina Toledo and Jennifer Matthew.  Congratulations to Gina and Jennifer!

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Christmas Spirit Week!

Next week will be our Christmas Spirit Week with fun themes planned for every day.  As well, we will be celebrating the many languages we have at Greenfield with a beautiful lobby display and special morning announcements.  Please check the schedule below:

Christmas Spirit Week

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Last Call for December HotLunches!

December HotLunches orders for milk, pizza and new menu items are due tonight at midnight.

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Friday Reminders!

We are into December and time will go quickly to Christmas. We are making plans to celebrate the season at Greenfield so stay tuned for information that will be coming home.

Today is Free Milk Day.  Any student who wishes can have white or chocolate milk.  The School Milk Program provides this – Thank You!

Two reminders for this weekend:

  1. The HotLunches menu for December closes on Sunday at midnight. There are new menu items available.  If you have not yet signed up, the code is GFHL. You need to start a new account every year as classes and teachers change.
  2. Candy Cane O Grams and Raffle Tickets for our Gator Giving Christmas Hampers are due on Wednesday, December 9th.

Have a great weekend!

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HotLunches for December is Open!

The December menu for HotLunches in now open for ordering. Here is what you need to know:

  1. The menu covers the weeks of Monday, December 7th to Friday, December 18th.
  2. The deadline to have orders in  is Sunday, December 6th at midnight. Don’t forget!
  3. If you have not paid for November’s order, you will be unable to order for December.
  4.  There are new menu options for Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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Important Updates for Parents

We have three weeks until the Christmas Break! It has been an interesting fall with  new protocols in place but our staff and students have been exceptional at doing what they need to do so we can all be at school together.

Here are some important updates for parents:

  1. Parent Teacher Interviews:
    Thank you to all those parents who participated in Parent-Teacher Interviews.  These are valuable discussions and we were happy that in-person interviews could happen. Report cards for our first term will be going home on Wednesday, December 2nd.
  2. HotLunches:
    Our HotLunches menu for December will be open for ordering on Monday, November 30th.  This menu covers the weeks of December 7th to December 18th – just two weeks. Ship to Shore is our Healthy School Food Program vendor and they will be offering new food items on Tuesdays and Thursdays of this menu.  They are: Baked Potato with Bacon/Butter, Assorted Sub, Chicken and Bacon Wrap and Mac and Cheese. The cost will be $3.00 or $4.00.

    Some parents have not yet paid for their November milk and pizza. Please do this as soon as you can.

  3. Kindergarten Registration:
    Registration for Kindergarten the coming school year is now taking place.   Please come and register your child so planning for our newest students can begin!
  4. COVID Protocols:
    A message was sent to all parents yesterday regarding the changes due to the Atlantic Bubble being suspended for two weeks.  We hope all parents have read this and will follow the guidelines.
  5. Masks:
    All students need to have a mask each day for the bus or when they are travelling anywhere in the school.  Some students have been wearing “gaiters.”  This is the statement from from the CPHO:
    “Face shields, spit guards, gaiters and scarves are not substitutes for non-medical masks.”

    We ask that parents ensure that their child comes to school each day with a mask.

    Here is the link to the mask Do’s and Don’ts from the provincial government:

  6. Water:
    Due to COVID restrictions, our water fountains are not available to students. All students must bring a bottle of water with them each day. They are able to fill them up at school. At times, we have water bottles at school but it is getting costly and we are concerned about the waste. We have been going through many bottles! We ask that parents see that children come to school with their own bottle.
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Red and Green Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our last Gators Giving Day!

It is Red and Green Day – a Christmas theme! Wear your ugly Christmas Sweater, your red and green hats, socks, shirts, anything to celebrate Christmas!

Please bring a toonie, loonie or anything you can to add to our Christmas Hampers!

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The Greenfield Store and Grad Hoodies

A reminder to parents that if they wish to order anything from the Greenfield Store and have it in time for Christmas the deadline is this Friday, November 27.

Here is the link for ordering:

For our Grade 6 Grad Hoodies the date is the same. If you wish to have the hoodie for Christmas, the order must be placed by this Friday, November 27th.

Here is the link for Grade 6 Hoodies: 

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