Important Updates for Parents

We have three weeks until the Christmas Break! It has been an interesting fall with  new protocols in place but our staff and students have been exceptional at doing what they need to do so we can all be at school together.

Here are some important updates for parents:

  1. Parent Teacher Interviews:
    Thank you to all those parents who participated in Parent-Teacher Interviews.  These are valuable discussions and we were happy that in-person interviews could happen. Report cards for our first term will be going home on Wednesday, December 2nd.
  2. HotLunches:
    Our HotLunches menu for December will be open for ordering on Monday, November 30th.  This menu covers the weeks of December 7th to December 18th – just two weeks. Ship to Shore is our Healthy School Food Program vendor and they will be offering new food items on Tuesdays and Thursdays of this menu.  They are: Baked Potato with Bacon/Butter, Assorted Sub, Chicken and Bacon Wrap and Mac and Cheese. The cost will be $3.00 or $4.00.

    Some parents have not yet paid for their November milk and pizza. Please do this as soon as you can.

  3. Kindergarten Registration:
    Registration for Kindergarten the coming school year is now taking place.   Please come and register your child so planning for our newest students can begin!
  4. COVID Protocols:
    A message was sent to all parents yesterday regarding the changes due to the Atlantic Bubble being suspended for two weeks.  We hope all parents have read this and will follow the guidelines.
  5. Masks:
    All students need to have a mask each day for the bus or when they are travelling anywhere in the school.  Some students have been wearing “gaiters.”  This is the statement from from the CPHO:
    “Face shields, spit guards, gaiters and scarves are not substitutes for non-medical masks.”

    We ask that parents ensure that their child comes to school each day with a mask.

    Here is the link to the mask Do’s and Don’ts from the provincial government:

  6. Water:
    Due to COVID restrictions, our water fountains are not available to students. All students must bring a bottle of water with them each day. They are able to fill them up at school. At times, we have water bottles at school but it is getting costly and we are concerned about the waste. We have been going through many bottles! We ask that parents see that children come to school with their own bottle.
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