Hello, Again!

Hello to our Greenfield family!  Our Staff Parade was a wonderful event yesterday. We were so happy to see our Greenfield students and families and to see that everyone is doing well.

As you can read in the previous post from our Director Parker Grimmer, things are progressing and access to schools is beginning. Next week, staff will be in to prepare students’ belongings for going home. Based on how that goes, we will be setting a date in the following week to have parents and students come to the school to pick items which will include the report card for second term.  More information will be coming.

We are discussing how out Grade 6 Closing might look for this very unusual year.   As we get closer to decisions, more information will be shared, but rest assured, we are thinking hard about how we might celebrate our “Class of 2020”!

There are refunds to be made for HotLunches for the March lunch orders that were paid.  Most of those refunds will be made through PayPal and we will be starting that next week.  If you have not paid for your HotLunches (February and March), we hope you will do that as soon as you can.  There are a number of outstanding accounts so please check.

Teachers did meet as usual this week. The theme was X’s and O’s.

Take care!

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