December HotLunches Menu – Now Open!

The menu for December HotLunches is now up and open for ordering. It is a couple of days later than usual but report cards kept us busy!

Important notes about this month’s menu:

  1. The deadline for ordering is Sunday, December 1st at midnight.
  2. You will be unable to order unless you have paid for November’s order.  Parent should be aware that we do expect that lunches are paid for by Friday of the first week of the menu. Unfortunately, we have many parents who do not follow this guideline.  For this menu, all lunches should be paid for by Friday, December 6th.
  3. There is no menu for Friday, December 6th.  This is a Professional Development Day.
  4. There are no lunches for Thursday, December 19th. Our school will be attending the Summerside Capitals game that day.  It begins at 11:oo so we are expecting that all students bring a packed lunch that day.
  5. The prices of lunches from Greco on Friday have increased by 10 cents.  We have requested that Greco use packaging that is more  friendly for the environment other than styrofoam as this goes into waste.  The new packaging can be composted but the cost is a little more.
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