February Updates

Here are notes for the coming weeks:

  1. HotLunches for March is now open for ordering.  Refunds have been made for all lunches ordered on storm days.  Parents will see those credits when they order for March. The deadline for orders is Sunday, March 3rd at midnight.
  2. We now have a student newspaper thanks to the work of three enterprising students – Samson Carpenter, Aaron Trenholm and Cameron Toon.  The first edition of the Gator Gazette was shared with students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 on Friday.  It includes an article on our very successful gymnastics team, “Ask Mr. Downey”, a Comedy Corner and birthdays.  We look forward to more editions in the future!
  3. School across P.E.I. will be doing a provincial survey called OurSCHOOL.  Parents, teachers and students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 will be surveyed to gather information on our school and learning.  Information will be going home to parents tomorrow – Tuesday, February 26th.  We hope many parents will find the time to complete the survey online which should take 15 minutes.  It is an important opportunity to give your input.  Further reminders will be coming!
  4. We are reaching the end of our second term of school.  Teachers are evaluating student progress and preparing report cards.  Report cards will be going home on Tuesday, March 5th. Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place on Thursday, March 7th (afternoon and evening) and Friday, March 8th (day).
  5. Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser was a great success and we thank our families for their wonderful support.  Cookie dough orders will be arriving on March 7th and can be picked up on that day.  It is a Parent-Teacher Interview day so many parents will be visiting the school anyway.
  6. We have had a challenging time getting our students outdoors due to very cold temperatures and very icy conditions on our playground.  We have been using our parking lot as a play area when necessary.  Anyone coming to the school will see pylons blocking the entrance to the parking lot at these times.  Please park in the parking area at the end of school if you need to come into the school on those occasions.

Enjoy the storm day!

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