Welcome Back!

Our staff at Greenfield would like to welcome all students back to school on Thursday, September 6th.  We would like to especially welcome those students who will be coming to Greenfield for the first time.  We have many new staff members so we suggest you visit to our staff list on this site and see who is joining us this year.

To make our first day transition as easy as possible, we are hoping parents and students will follow these instructions:
1. Students who walk to school or are dropped off by parents should arrive at 8:30. Our breakfast program has not yet begun (more on that in a later post) and our start time is 8:30.
1. All kindergarten students will meet their teachers in the lobby.  Parents should say goodbye to their child here.
2. All Grade 1 students will go into the cafeteria to meet their teachers.
3.  All other students (Grades 2 to 6) will go to the gym. Numbers will be posted on the wall and students should go to the number of their grade.  Their teacher will meet them there and take them to their class.

Our first morning is a busy one and all staff will be on deck to help students get to their classes.  Parents should not expect to go to classrooms as this makes for many extra people in the building and it is a challenge to handle these numbers.  We encourage parents to begin the school year with the routine they will be following for the school year.

Many important papers and information will be coming home with students on the first day and we hope parents give them their attention and return those papers needs to be returned.

This website will be the main source of communication with parents so we hope you will encourage other parents you know to sign up.  As well, we now have Google calendar on this site which parents will find very helpful for checking dates.

We are looking forward to great year!

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