A Successful Science Fair!

We had a wonderful Science Fair with many top quality projects.  Every year it is a challenge for our guest judges to select winners.  All students should be very proud of their projects and their participation in this event.

We want to thank our judges for their time and careful consideration of our students’ projects and Mrs. Love-Hickey for doing a great job of organizing this event.

Below are the winners for each grade:

Grade 6: 

1st Place – Ava Pomeroy (Side Dominance)
2nd Place – Henry McInnis (How Fast Does a Cloud Form?)
3rd Place – Jonas Binkley (Colour Filtration)

Grade 5:

1st Place – Jacob Martin (Fruit Battery)
2nd Place – Alivia Johnston (Preventing Apples from Turning Brown)
3rd Place – Hailie Chaisson and Olivia Gallant (Density)
Honourable Mention: Keagan Keough


Grade 4:

1st Place – Claire Philpot and Quinn Gavin (Soil versus Soil)
2nd Place – Adia Laureijs (Let’s See What’s Under the Sea)
3rd Place – Kylie McNeill and Elle Pomeroy (Light Refraction)
Honorable Mention: Andrew Stordy, Chloe Peters and Jorja Desjardins

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