Students and staff are back to our regular routine at Greenfield today after yesterday’s unexpected evacuation and early dismissal.

The Public School Branch (PBS) has provided information on the PBS website at  and in the media so parents would be aware of what occurred yesterday to disrupt the school day.  What parents may not know is that everything went remarkably well here at Greenfield. Students were already outdoors for recess with supervising teachers.  When it was determined that evacuation was necessary, all teachers joined our students outdoors and they proceeded to our off-site location in an orderly and safe way.  Bus drivers and parents were contacted and students went safely home.

A big thank you goes out to our staff (teachers, E.A.’s, bus drivers, custodian, and Amy) who were calm, reassuring and professional in an unusual situation, to our students for their excellent conduct and cooperation, to parents for their support and their kind comments, and especially to Mrs. Finniss who provided the leadership for everyone yesterday.



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