Wednesday May 19, 2021

  • Today is day 1
  • Welcome to staff guests Marcy Lesperance and Mary Oni
  • PEI School Lunch today is roast turkey dinner or veggie meatballs with gravy, carrots and mashed potatoes
  • Check out the salmon, they are swimming freely in the tank and nearing release time at Mooney’s Pond- great job Mr. Maund!

Tuesday May 18, 2021

  • Today is day 6
  • Welcome to staff guests Tammy Quinn and Marcy Lesperance to our school today
  • PEI School Lunch today is chicken or cheese quesadilla with tomato soup
  • Friday will be a free Pizza Day! – We have Irvin, Sarah and Harley Sampson to thank for this generous gift of Maroon Pig Pizza for all students at GES!

Monday May 17, 2021

  • Today is day 5
  • Welcome to Lisa Baker Jackson to our school today
  • PEI School Lunch is Pasta with meat sauce or tomato sauce
  • HPV vaccinations for students in Grade 6 today
  • Great job by all our students who participated in Track and Field on Friday- Excellent job Hornets!

Friday May 14, 2021

  • Welcome to staff guests at our school today Linda Keel-Hale and Lorraine Galloti
  • Today is day 4
  • PEI School Lunch today is Hamburgers or Veggie Burgers with potato wedges
  • Ordering for the two weeks from May 24- June 4 is now open

How Do I Place A Meal Order?
1. Go to the website
3. A password will be sent to you shortly via Food for Thought.

  • Track and Field Day today at Georgetown Elementary
  • Have a great long weekend!

Thursday May 13, 2021

  • Today is day 3
  • Welcome to staff guest Mary Oni and Shelly Hanson
  • PEI School Lunch today is Pulled Pork on Roasted Potatoes
  • Track and Field Meet tomorrow for all students K-8- dress in comfortable clothing, wear sneakers and don’t forget your water bottle
  • Lots of more equipment purchased by the Home and School is arriving each day-  Mr. Maund and some students have been busy assembling some of the large items like Disc Golf and Tether Ball. 

Wednesday May 12, 2021

  • Today is day 2
  • Welcome to staff guests Mary Oni, Marcy Lesperance and Lisa Baker Jackson
  • Check out the delicious muffins students are getting for Breakfast Club today, provided to us by the staff at Kingswood Center in Montague- Blueberry, chocolate chip and apple crumble, delicious!
  • IHT today for students in Grade 7 & 8 at Montague Intermediate

Tuesday May 11, 2021

  • Today is day 1
  • Welcome to staff guests Mary Oni, Marcy Lesperance, Rose Cooper and Lyndie Webster
  • Happy Birthday to two special girls in K/1- Happy Birthday Olivia and Calliope!!
  • PEI School Lunch today is Hummus and Veggie Snack Box or Ham and Cheese Snack Box
  • Check out the fish tank in the lobby, the salmon are doing great!
  • Milk and Chocolate milk tokens are available for sale every day- .80 for chocolate or .50 for white
  • There will be Instrumental Ensemble after school today with Ms. Jordan until 3:45 pm

Monday May 10, 2021

  • Today is day 6
  • Don’t forget to order your milk tickets- .80 for chocolate or .50 for white, etransfers or cash sent to the office accepted
  • Welcome to staff guests Marcy Lesperance and Mary Oni
  • PEI School Lunch Program is offering Mac n cheese or Chicken Alfredo 
  • Phys Ed. will be outside today to take advantage of the sunshine and nicer weather
  • Track and Field will be Friday afternoon for the whole school