Triple P- Positive Parenting Program (Montague & Mt. Stewart dates added)

Triple P is the parenting program that helps make raising kids (and teenagers) easier. It gives parents simple tips to help manage the big and small problems of family life! Problems like toddler tantrums or teenage rebellion. Self-esteem issues. Bedtime battles. Disobedience. Aggression. Triple P can help you deal with them all – and more! And Triple P is one of the few parenting programs in the world with evidence to show it works for most families.

Triple P seminar will be offered on November 27th at Montague Consolidated at 6:30*(bbsitting can be provided for this session just send email to the following address)  and December 4th in Mt. Stewart also at 6:30 *(there will be lego and a movie offered at this session) These are 90 minute sessions and there is time to ask questions at the end. Plus you will get to take home a tip sheet to remind you of all the great ideas you have heard.

The Government of Prince Edward Island and community partners are taking the guesswork out of parenting, by supporting parents and caregivers throughout the province by offering the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® for free in most locations.

If any parents have interest in Triple P sessions please let the school know so this can be arranged for interested parents. Check out the above mentioned sessions to see if this is something we can implement in Georgetown.

Triple P can help you:

  • Encourage behaviour you like
  • Build better relationships
  • Reduce conflict
  • Deal with problem behaviour
  • Feel confident as a parent
  • Be realistic about parenting
  • Take care of yourself too!


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