Looking for Christmas gifts for your children?

Here are some ideas that are great for a child’s development and fun for all ages!!

Gift ideas for grades kindergarten to grade 2:

  • Bed Bugs Game (hand strength)
  • Memory Games (memory skills)
  • Operation (eye hand coordination)
  • Kerplunk (fine motor)
  • Snakes and Ladders (counting and math)
  • Playdoh and accessories (hand strength and imagination)
  • Velcro Mitt and ball (hand eye coordination)
  • Legos (fine motor and imagination)
  • Puzzles (Great for all areas!!)
  • Dot to Dot workbooks, Mazes workbooks, Colour by Number workbooks

Gift Ideas for grades 3 to 6:

  • Battleship (hand eye coordination)
  • Scooters (balance and strength)
  • Lite Bright (fine motor)
  • Monopoly (Counting and math skills)
  • Deck of Cards for games such as Crazy 8 (math and memory skills)
  • Legos (fine motor and imagination)
  • Twister (coordination; understanding left and right)
  • Nerf Gun (hand eye coordination)
  • Perfection (fine motor)


Monday December 10

  • Today is Day 4
  • It is Pajama Day part of the 12 Days of December
  • Tomorrow is a Student Government Bake Sale- Items for sale will range from .25 – $1.00
  • GoPlay! for grades 1-4 tomorrow from 3:10-4:10, Thursday will be GoPlay! for grades 5-8

12 Days of December

Green and Red Day- December 6

Book Sale – December  7

Pajama Day- December 10

Bake Sale- December 11

Ugly Sweater Day- December 12

ER Day- dress as anything that ends in…er- Dec 13

Hat/ Scarf Day- December 14

Jersey Day- December 17

Turkey Dinner for Students- December 18

Candy Gram .50/ candy – December 19

School Skate, all students- December 20

Winter Movie- December 21


December 4, 2018

  • Today is Day 6
  • GoPlay! for grades 1-4 today after school- 3:10-4:10 pm with Gary Harris and his team of volunteers
  • Georgetown Elementary School Christmas Fair- Wednesday December 5th 6-8 pm. We hope to see everyone out for an exciting evening of Christmas fun!
  • Families wanting to purchase school pictures from re-take day have until December 5th if buying through the school
  • Grad photo deadline is December 12th- Proofs going home today 🙂
  • Students selling Pay What You Pull Tickets, please have tickets and money returned to Mrs. O’Hanley asap
  • Welcome to staff guests Ms. Nicole McLaughlin and Ms. Marcy Lesprance



TO:  Parents and Families    DATE:    December 3, 2018

FROM:  Mrs. Quinn Mills       RE:  PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEW                                                 

Parent Teacher Interviews for Grade 1 and Kindergarten with Mrs. Mills will be available Tuesday December 4th from 3:20 p.m. – 6 p.m. Please call the school 902-652-8970, to arrange a time to meet.


Monday December 3

  • Today is Day 5
  • Hornet Picks of the Month for November: Maria M. Ayn S. and Keilee S. Great job Georgetown Hornets on setting excellent examples of positive behaviors to fellow students
  • Subway and milk orders due in- credit applied for missed days last week
  • Welcome to staff guests: Ms. Jordan, Ms. Jamison and Mr. Esseghaier
  • Georgetown Elementary School Christmas Fair- Postponed until Wednesday December 5th

Bake Sale Success

Georgetown School Student Council is happy to announce, with  help and support of our families and school community, the Student Government raised $87 dollars today. All money raised will go towards initiatives of the Student Council.

Great job Mr. Bradley and Georgetown Elementary Student Council