Student Vote 2019

How to Become an Educated Voter:

What is Student Vote?

Coinciding with government elections, students learn about government and the electoral process, research the parties and platforms, discuss relevant issues and cast ballots for the official election candidates. The results are shared with the media for broadcast and publication following the closing of the official polls.

An independent evaluation commissioned by Elections Canada reports that the Student Vote program is having a significant impact among students in the key areas associated with future voting, as well as increasing the engagement of families in the election.

CBC PEI Party Promises Tracker –

The Four Leaders answer student questions

Meet the 4 leaders  – (4 – 12-minute audio interviews)  Click for  – Leaders Interviews

CBC PEI Votes – News Stories related to the election

Who are the Candidates in each district

What District Do I live in?  – PEI

Referendum Material 

Should Prince Edward Island change its voting system to a mixed member proportional voting system? – Watch the two videos and information on this site to help understand “First Past The Post” (our current system) and “Mixed Member Proportional” (The Proposed Change)



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