Safe and Caring Learning Environments

Safe and Caring Learning Environments

Message to Parents/Guardians

The Public Schools Branch has developed a new policy and procedure titled, Safe and Caring Learning Environments. We are talking to our students about this policy and procedure and we want to share this information with parents/guardians. The documents highlight the expectations for creating and maintaining safe, caring, and respectful learning and working environments and promote a shared responsibility among staff, students’ parents/guardians and volunteers.

Through proactive strategies and progressive discipline, schools strive to support appropriate behaviours, increase accountability and create positive school climates. Where a behaviour has a negative impact on the school climate, the documents provide direction on how schools will respond.

Parents/guardians are essential in creating and maintaining safe, caring and respectful learning and working environments. Encouraging your child, collaborating with school staff, and creating positive relationships within the school community are excellent ways to ensure our schools are safe, caring and positive places to learn and grow.

Please review the documents on the PSB website or through the links below. If you have any questions, please contact the school principal.

Policy –

Procedure –


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