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Dear Families,

After almost six months apart, the West Royalty Elementary School staff is super excited to welcome students back to our building! The first day of school for all of our students is Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Our 1-6 students will be starting at the regular time. We are asking that our Kindergarten students not arrive until 9:30 a.m. (first day of school only).

COVID-19 has changed what our school and school day will look like, but it has not changed the quality of education, or the care and support that your child will receive here at West Royalty Elementary School. All parents and students will need to follow our school’s operational plan. Please make sure you review it prior to the first day of school.

There will be many changes to routines in September. Among the changes are as follows:

  • All students who ride a school bus will be required to wear a mask. It is strongly recommended that all students (whether coming on a bus, car, bike or walking) wear a non-medical mask while they are coming into the building and until they get to their classroom.
  • It is strongly recommended that staff and students wear a mask when they are transitioning in the hallways and when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Our school will receive enhanced cleaning. We have two additional cleaning staff, each for 4 hour shifts, during the school day to help with cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Students will come directly into the school upon arrival in the morning (instead of early morning playground time) and proceed directly to their classrooms. 
  • If you haven’t paid the $40 school supply fee, you can still pay it by doing an e-transfer to
  • Students will be engaged in increased hand washing/sanitizing throughout the school day.
  • Parents/guardians will not be permitted to enter the school except in exceptional circumstances.
    – Please make sure students have their lunches with them when they come to school.
    – If you need to pick up your child for an appointment during the school day, you will need to call the school office. We will send your child out to meet you. 
  • We will be running both our school food program, as well as the Provincial Food Program. These programs will not be up and running the first week of school (Sept 8-11). We are hoping they will be ready to go for September 14th. More information to follow on the food programs. Please make sure your child comes to school with their snack/lunch.
  • Students will each have their own school supplies to use. Sharing of other school related books and materials will be limited, and students will be required to wash their hands before using these shared resources.
  • Water fountains will be shut off. Students are asked to bring one or two water bottles with them for use during the school day.
  • Teachers are in the process of contacting parents of their students (either by phone or e-mail) to let  them know what classroom they are in. If you haven’t heard from your child’s teacher by noon on Friday, please contact the school office.

We have always had a large volume of parents dropping off students in the morning, and a fair number picking students up at the end of the day. We are anticipating that there may be an increase in volume of traffic both at drop off and pick-up times. We want to make sure that parents are very clear that the drop-off and pick-up process will look different this year, and it will likely not be a quick process (easily in the first couple of weeks). Please be prepared to wait in traffic.

We will send out more information by September 7th about drop-off and pick-up procedures for September 8th. 

For students who will be traveling to school by bus, please make sure you check the Bus Planner for up-to-date information about bus routes/pick-up/drop off times, etc.

We are doing some school tours on Thursday, September 8th for new students in grade 1-6. If you are new to our school community, and you would like to come in for a quick tour of the school, please call the school office to get an appointment time. We are asking that all visitors wear masks for these tours.

We all have a role to play in helping students feel safe and supported when they return to school. We are all in this together. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Marilyn MacLean

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