STEAM PEI Presents….

CSI – Investigating Science Behind the Scene
Who? Grades K-6 students
What? Exploring math, biology, art, and physics by making/breaking codes, analyzing fingerprints/footprints/handwriting, and practicing sketch artist skills. These are just a few of the hands-on activities we will undertake as crime scene investigators. Record clues in your new STEAM PEI notebook and put it all together to solve the crime .
When? One hour after-school. Fridays for 6 weeks starting January 18
Where? At your school!
Why? Because we love science and we want to share our excitement!
How? Register online at and email with any questions. Payment of $80 can be made by cash, cheque or email transfer on the first day of class. Gift certificates are available for those who would like to give the gift of education for Christmas!
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