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Home and School News, March 2021


  1. 68th Annual Meeting

Mark your calendar!  You are invited to attend the Annual Meeting, virtually on Zoom, Monday, May 10, 2021, 6:30 p.m.  Home and School Associations are encouraged to appoint up to five voting delegates to represent their school with all parents, educators/school staff and students welcome to attend.  Registration information will be posted online soon 

  1. Annual reports due Mar. 19

Annual Report submission date has been changed to March 19th. Thank you to those who have submitted annual reports. The Federation decided to hold the AGM in May which allows more time for presidents/co-chair to write and submit their reports. Please email reports in a word doc or paste in email message to: peihsf@edu.pe.ca



  1. Board of Directors Nominations

The P.E.I. Home and School Federation is the umbrella organization of Home and Schools across P.E.I., and is overseen by a volunteer board elected by delegates from member Home and Schools. Every year at the annual meeting elections are held for vacant positions on the board, and members are encouraged to nominate candidates who, in your opinion, have the necessary qualifications to do the work of the provincial Federation. Access the nomination form here.


  1. Volunteer / Life Membership Awards

A Home and School volunteer is recognized annually for their efforts in their local school with the Steve McQuaid Volunteer of the Year Award.  A Home and School Life Member is someone who has contributed both locally and provincially.  You are invited to review awards’ criteria and submit nominations by March 19  Review nomination information here.

  1. Consultations for an Elected School Board Model

The government is looking for your input on the best elected school board model for English schools in the Public Schools Branch. Have a say and fill out the online survey here or submit to the government in writing by Mar. 11. More details here.

Community news:

  • EDUCATION SAVINGS FOR CHILDREN offered by the federal government = Families are encouraged to sign up for Canada Learning Bond (CLB). News release: Government of Canada invests in making post-secondary education more affordable to all  The CLB consists of up to $2,000 that the Government of Canada deposits directly into Register Education Savings Plans (RESP) for children from low-income families, born on or after January 1, 2004, to help pay for their post-secondary education. This includes $500 for the first year of eligibility and $100 for each subsequent year of eligibility, until the calendar year they reach the age of 15. Visit: canada.ca/education-savings
  • POWERSCHOOL = Island students, parents and teachers will have a more accessible and up-to-date way to keep track of student information later this year. P.E.I. schools moving away from StudentsAchieve, older data systems this fall
  • PROTECT CANADIAN KIDS: Nicotine levels in e-cigarettes must be reduced to protect Canadian kids . Kids who try vaping products are at high risk of becoming addicted users. By the time kids finish high school, 1/3 are vaping. Health Canada is proposing to limit the amount of nicotine that can be sold in vaping liquids to 20 mg/ml. This is the level that the European Union adopted several years ago. The vaping rates among young people in the European Union are far lower than those in Canada. In Canada, some e-cigarettes have nicotine levels of 59 or 57 mg/ml, placing Canadian kids at risk and contributing to very high levels of youth vaping in Canada. You can help protect Canadian kids by letting Health Canada know that you support this important regulation. For more information: info@ProtectCanadianKids.ca


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Home and School News, February 2021

 Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 

  1. Celebrate Teachers/Staff Appreciation Week, February 14-20, 2021.
    Home and Schools are reminded to say thank you to school staff during this week of recognition. We have newly designed TSAW Posters.
    Click here for TSAW School Poster – Print and Post in your school

Click here for TSAW Student Colouring Poster – Print, colour and give to a school staff person



  1. President’s 2020-2021Annual Reports

President’s Home and School Association Annual Reports are due in the Federation office by Feb. 28th. It’s been an unusual year with COVID-19. However, it provides an opportunity to talk about how education happened during the pandemic. Write about parent, student and school community’s experiences with home learning, parent-teacher interviews, fundraising, school celebrations, parent leadership projects, etc. Your Home and School Association’s report will be in included in the 2021 Annual Book of Reports.
To help get you started, click here for a template.



  1. Volunteer Award

Home and School’s volunteer award is about recognizing the significant contributions that volunteers makes to help people in their school communities. Associations are asked to consider nominating a Home and School member for this year’s award(s). The submission deadline is: Mar. 12th

Click here for Nomination form.



  1. 68th Annual Meeting

The P.E.I. Home and School Federation’s Annual General Meeting will be held virtually in April; date TBA……More information to follow.



  1. Responses to last year’s Resolutions

You can review Education Minister Brad Trivers’ response to 2020 Home and School resolutions.

Click here for Resolutions/Responses



  1. Parent Leadership Grants

The new grant application deadline is Feb. 28. Click here to find ideas about Parent Leadership Grants: and submit to: peihsf@edu.pe.ca or Mail to: PEI Home and School Federation PO Box 1012 Charlottetown PEI C1A 7M4.



Other Community news….

~ The Great Big Crunch, March 11, 2021 – Students, teachers, parents and others who are passionate about food are invited to share their enthusiasm in a national moment of anti-silence Register to munch before crunch day. Sign up yourself, your class, your school or your whole school district! You will receive a Great Big Crunch Toolkit, with lots of fun curriculum linked class activities, and recommend some fresh local produce for you to snack on. Get all your friends together and take a synchronized bite at 2:30 pm EST Don’t forget to share your crunch photos with us using #GreatBigCrunch.

~Pink Shirt day = Together we can make a difference! Wear something pink on Feb. 26th to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anywhere. Take the message and remember it all year long. More at:  http://www.pinktshirtday.ca/


~ Canada’s Food Guide – Subscribe to get the latest healthy updates, recipes and more

Learn to be healthy infogrades1-12.


~ 2021 Census, May 2021 = Statistics Canada will be hiring approximately 32,000 people across the country to assist in census data collection activities. Contact: statcan.censusoutreach.atlantic-rayonnementdurec.atlantique.statcan@canada.ca.




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