Student Personal Items/School Supply Fees

Personal Items, Second Term Report Card and School Supply Fees

On Thursday, May 28, parent and students can come to the school to get their bag of labeled items. We plan on setting up outside weather dependent.

In the event of inclement weather we will move inside. The schedule for personal item retrieval is below. Please respect the schedule and the CPHO guidelines for social distancing. Staff will be there to direct you if needed.

If you are unable to come to the school, at your scheduled time, please make alternate arrangements with your child’s teacher.


Time Thursday., May 28
8:30 AM 2A

Ms. J. MacEachern


Ms. J. Lynch


Ms. S. Davison


B. MacDougal-Hambley

10:00 AM 1Z

Ms. J. Redmond


Ms. S. MacKinnon


Ms. E. McQuaid


Ms. J. Dunning

11:30 PM 2B

Ms. M. Poirier

Ms. E. McIsaac


Ms. E. Boswell


Ms. I. Rolfe


Ms. G. Caissie

1:00 PM KB

Ms. J. Vessey


Ms. S. Northcott


Ms. E. Waye


Ms. T. MacKinnon

School Supply Fees

On Thursday, May 28 we will be asking parents to bring a cheque or cash to pay for school supply fees of $40.00 per student for the 2020-2021 school year. We try to collect the fees in May/June so teachers can purchase supplies at the best possible prices during the summer months. Thanks for your support with this.

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