School Playgrounds are Closed

Effective March 23, all PSB school playgrounds are closed, until further notice. The closure supports the direction of the Chief Public Health Office to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for not using the play equipment.

The reason the decision was made to close playgrounds and ensure the public are not using school playground equipment was to support the direction of the Chief Public Health Officer and reinforce efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ by ensuring good social distancing practices are taking place.

As we discussed by phone today during our principals’ meeting, in order to best inform our students and their families about the need to close school playgrounds to public use, we are requesting that Dr. Morrison speak at one of her upcoming briefings about the need for people to avoid school playgrounds and using our playground equipment.

The PSB will be posting the above message on our branch website, as well as through social media, that our school playgrounds are closed until further notice. TIE has agreed to make outdoor signs for our playgrounds saying: Playgrounds Closed Until Further Notice. They will arrive to schools sometime in the near future.

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