Breakfast Program

West Kent Breakfast Program

West Kent is pleased to announce that we now have a Breakfast Program running every morning from 8:00 to 8:20 AM. Any student who wishes to have breakfast at school is welcome to attend the program. The menu includes toast, milk or juice, yoghurt and fruit. Students who wish to participate are asked to go to the breakfast as soon as they arrive at school. Once they have finished eating they are asked to clean up their area, garbage items and return dishes. Students are then expected to go outside until the bell rings, or directly to class if the bell rings while they are still in the Breakfast Program. Respect, manners and gratitude are a must while at the Breakfast Program.

We have been hosting an average of 40-50 students each morning since March Break. Parents or community members are welcome to donate to the breakfast program. We welcome donations of bread, jam, butter, yoghurt, apples, bananas, tangerines or grocery cards. Donations can be left in the main office.

We are looking for parent volunteers to help at the Breakfast Program. Shifts would be from 7:45 to 8:30 AM. If you are interested in volunteering can you please contact our Youth Service Worker, Natasha Hardy at to commit to a morning or more. It is an opportunity to see the wonderful side of having a breakfast program in our school.

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