We, at VRCS, work hard to provide a full educational experience for all of our students. We also like to provide as many extra-curricular opportunities as we can as well by participating in a number of school sports. We would like to open up the opportunity for parents and/or community members to help us out by having them help by coaching or helping coach one of our school teams Please contact the school if you are interested or to ask about what would be involved. Thank you!

See the chart below for the sports and seasons the sports will be offered:

PEISAA – VRCS Sports Season Boys Coach Girls Coach
Volleyball Sept 13 – Nov 5 Logan/ Dave Logan/ Dave
Cross Country Sep 13 – Oct 22 Sara V

Assistant – Pam McQ (pre-novice)

Intermediate Coach Needed

Golf Sept 13 – Oct 8 Logan Logan
Basketball Nov 15 – Mar 25 Vacancy Colleen
Gymnastics Jan- Feb 25 Logan Assistant – Sara A
Ball Hockey TBD (Spring 2022) Vacancy N/A
Badminton Mar 15-Apr 28 Logan

Assistants needed (1 more)

Lori, Erin

Flag Football May – June 10 Coach Needed Logan
Track May – June 10 Throwing and jumping events (2) – Sara A

Track coaches needed  Grade 5-6 (2)

Track coach needed Grade 7-9 (2)

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