Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school! I just want to take a few minutes to highlight a few points for everyone so that we may have a great start to the new school year, especially when there are so many changes to be aware of.

Parents, I will be sending you weekly reminders about Pre-screening your children before they come to school. I have attached a pre-screening checklist to this post so that you may use it for making ensure your children are healthy upon their return to school. Also it is important to understand that mask wearing will be a normal practice on the bus and at school. Masks are mandatory for those traveling on a bus and also for all intermediate students when in the hall and transitioning from class to class. For our K-6 students, we will be strongly encouraging the same practice when they are in the hallways. Please make sure that your child has a few face masks in their school bag. Before they are used, masks may be stored in a Ziplock bag; after they are used, it is best to have a paper or fabric bag to store them in and cleaned regularly. Please ensure that your child’s name is on their mask(s).

Also, please note that transportation on PSB buses are for childcare arrangements only. There will be not be any bus passes granted to students to travel on alternate buses until further notice. If you require your child(ren) to travel on alternate buses for child care purposes, please inform the school so that they may assist in these arrangements.

Finally,  I would like to point out to our parents and students that due to a severe allergy we are not permitting strawberries or strawberry products in our school this year. We also have a shellfish allergy as well, so please no shellfish in lunches. However, we are permitting peanuts and peanut butter since we do not have any nut allergies in the school.

We look forward to having a great year with our parents and students! If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school (902)651-8520. Or you may email me or Ms. Burke, or Helen,


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