Lunch Program

Stratford Elementary is pleased to offer an on-line ordering and payment  lunch program.

Quiznos  – A new storm day policy is in place for Quiznos’  green salads.    In the event of a school closure, the preordered, prepared salads will be donated to the Upper Room Hospitality Ministry (The Soup Kitchen).   No refunds are available. (effective Feb 5, 2018)

The access code for registering is SEHL. To register or login, click here.

Guidelines for on-line ordering

Print this paper order form 2019   for those unable to order on-line.

PayPal Note:
Due to the large number of families who take advantage of the Lunch Program, effective January 2019 the school will no longer be able to absorb the PayPal charges for the lunch program. These will be now charged directly to parents when they make the payment. Currently the PayPal charges are 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. Please refer to the website for information and answers to questions you may have. We appreciate your support with these changes.
For example: A $20.00 order will cost $.58, plus the $.30 transaction fee for a total of $20.88

Price/Menu Changes
At a recent meeting with the Home and School, the Lunch Program prices were reviewed. Due to our cost from some of vendors, we have to adjust the cost of some menu items. The price are reflected in January’s menu.

Monday     Domino's Pizza              $2.00
           Mac 'n Cheese               $4.50
           Chicken and Rice Bowl       $4.50
Tuesday    Borrowed Kitchen            $4.00  Borrowed Kitchen Menu
Reg Chili and Veg Chili                $4.50
           Pizza                       $2.00
           Fudgestick                  $1.00
Thursday   Chicken Poppers             $3.50
           Subway                      $4.00
Friday     Green Salad                 $3.50
           Quiznos Sub                 $3.50

Monday to Friday:   White Milk        $0.50
                    Chocolate Milk    $0.80
                    Orange Juice      $0.50




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