Lunch Program

Stratford Elementary is pleased to offer an on-line ordering and payment  lunch program.

To register or login, click here.  The access code for registering is SEHL.

Guidelines for Ordering

Print this Paper Order Form  for those unable to order on-line.

Monday     Domino's Pizza              $2.00
           Chicken Wraps               $4.50  
Tuesday    Borrowed Kitchen            $4.00  Borrowed Kitchen Menu
Wednesday  Taco Bowls                  $4.50  
           Pizza                       $2.00
           Fudgestick                  $1.00
Thursday   Chicken Poppers             $3.50
           Subway                      $4.00
Friday     Green Salad                 $3.50
           Quiznos Sub                 $3.50

Monday to Friday:   White Milk        $0.50
                    Chocolate Milk    $0.80
                    Orange Juice      $0.50

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