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Stratford Home and School Meeting May 16th 6:00pm

Home and School News, May 2022

  1. School Crossing Guard Award

Nominate a school crossing guard to receive recognition for keeping our children safe as they travel to and from school from September to June during school year.
NEW Submission date: Friday, May 13, 2022
More details at: http://peihsf.ca/crossing-guard-award

  1. School Bus Driver Award

Nominate a school bus driver to receive recognition for keeping our children safe as they travel to and from school from September to June during school year.
NEW Submission date: Friday, May 20, 2022
More details at: http://peihsf.ca/bus

  1. Annual Meeting Feedback Request

Delegates are invited to provide feedback about the 2022 Annual Meeting & Convention.
Click here for 2022 AGM FEEDBACK FORM

  1. Annual Meeting 2022 Video

The PEI Home and School Federation 2022 Annual Meeting’s video is linked at on our website at:
https://peihsf.ca/agm/ or AGM VIDEO

  1. Welcome to Kindergarten
    The 2022 Welcome to Kindergarten schedule is posted on the Public Schools Branch website at: https://edu.princeedwardisland.ca/psb/parents_students/wtk-sessions/

Other community news….

  • YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange (SWSE), a national program offering opportunities for youth (16-17 years old) to improve their second official language skills, explore another part of Canada, and gain valuable work experience. This program is funded by Department of Canadian Heritage, and offered at a minimal cost of $125.  Contact: Liu@YMCAGTA.ORG or 902-314-5323.

AGM set for April 23

P.E.I. Senator Brian Francis, guest speaker for the P.E.I. Home and School Federation’s Annual Meeting on April 23, will talk about the establishment of the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Other speakers include Hon. Natalie Jameson, Minister Education and Lifelong Learning and P.E.I. Lt.-Gov. Antionette Perry.

The Annual Meeting will be held in person for the first time since 2019 at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel. The theme, Understanding, will focus attendees on current areas of interest such as Truth and Reconciliation, mental wellness, elected school board and the evolution of Home and School.

From its beginnings to the present day, the P.E.I. Home and School Federation has focused on the well-being and educational success of P.E.I. children. Parents, guardians, principals, students and school staff are invited to register for the meeting. While each member Home and School is limited to five voting delegates, there is no limit to the number of attendees otherwise from each school: the greater the attendance, the richer the discussions.

REGISTER by Sunday, April 10, online at: https://peihsf.ca/agm to be included in the early bird draw for an overnight stay at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel.

Engaging with policy-makers is key. Local discussion of proposed provincial policy resolutions is one of the most important activities that Home and School Associations go through each year. These resolutions, on issues of broad provincial importance are ways the parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff can speak as a collective Home and School voice and have a direct impact on education policy.

Resolutions will be voted on by delegates from each school at the Federation’s Annual Meeting on April 23rd. Before that can happen, however, the resolutions must be discussed at Home and School meetings in each school and a local vote taken on each one to guide the school’s delegates in their voting. Proposed 2022 resolutions have been circulated to local presidents/ chairs and are available online at: https://peihsf.ca/agm Late or emergency resolutions on emerging education issues will be accepted up to April 20.

The work and care of many important people in our communities goes into making schools safe and caring places for our children and recognizing this work is one of the best parts of our job.  Parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, staff, and members of the community at large may, through their local Home and School associations, nominate school crossing guards and school bus drivers for one of the P.E.I Home and School Federation’s special recognition awards.  Nominations for the School Crossing Guard of the Year Award are due on April 23. Nominations for the School Bus Driver of the Year Award are due on May 10.

The Welcome to Kindergarten program offers resources and strategies for families in support of children and early learning. Primary and elementary schools will be hosting family orientation sessions April 1 to May 31. Check the school or Public Schools Branch website at: https://edu.princeedwardisland.ca/psb/parents_students/wtk-sessions/ for dates and times.

The AGM will also mark the end of my term as president. A huge thanks to the provincial board for all its hard work, dedication, support, and encouragement throughout the past two years. It’s been busy!

– 30 –

Heather Mullen, president of the P.E.I. Home and School Federation, lives in Lot 38, Canavoy, with her husband and two children, who attend Mount Stewart Consolidated School and Colonel Gray High School. A Home and School column appears in The Guardian during the school year on the first Friday of the month. For questions about this column or to find out more about the work of the P.E.I. Home and School Federation, contact peihsf@edu.pe.ca or 902-620-3186/1-800-916-0664.

Home and School News, April 2022


69th PEI Home and School Federation’s Annual General Meeting & Convention

Date:   Saturday, April 23, 2022

Time:   8:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Place: In-person at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel, Charlottetown

Fee:       Registration fee = $40 pp

Extend the invitation to everyone in your school community. Post on social media platforms. Parents/guardians, administrators, teachers, school staff, and students are invited to attend. Associations are encouraged to pay registration fees, travel and accommodation expenses for your delegates to reduce barriers to attending.
Need more info? Call: 620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664 / peihsf@edu.pe.ca

REGISTER by: April 14/22. 

Topics: Truth and Reconciliation, Mental Wellness, Elected School Board, Evolution of Home and School. Speakers: Senator Brian Francis, Member of the Canadian Senate, Hon. Natalie Jameson, Minister Education and Lifelong Learning, Hon. Antionette Perry, Lt. Governor ….More TBA
Click here for draft agenda


Resolutions are voted on at the Annual General Meeting.  Home and Schools re asked to review and vote on the 2022 proposed resolutions at a local

meeting. Each Home and School’s AGM voting delegates should reflect the opinions of the parents, guardians, teachers, and staff in your

school. Review Resolution: School Bus Monitors.  There is time to write and submit a late resolution on an emerging issue. The pandemic caused a delay

in submitting resolutions. LATE resolutions may be submitted up to 7 days before the AGM.


~ School Crossing Guard of the Year Award recognizes a school crossing guard on PEI for their service in keeping our walking students safe. Submit nominations by: April 23, 2022.

~ School Bus Driver of the Year Award recognizes school bus drivers on PEI for their service in keeping our students safe as they travel to and from school each day. Submit nominations by: May 10, 2022.


    The ‘Welcome to Kindergarten Program’ (WTK) is designed to help prepare preschoolers for a positive start to their school journey. Parents and their children will attend spring WTK orientation sessions at local schools where they receive early learning and literacy resources and learn how to use them at home. Find your school’s WTK session date on the Public Schools Branch website

Community News….

– SunSense, a program of the Canadian Cancer Society, is pleased to share that The Canadian Cancer Society has launched SunSense nationally. SunSense supports our elementary schools to create sun safe environments that reduce the risk of skin cancer. Visit sunsense.ca to learn more about free tools and resources for teachers and how you can become a SunSense Certified school. These include UV bracelets, lesson plans, posters, a shade planning guide, policy toolkit and much more!

~ Bricks for Kids Grand Opening Event, April 23, 2022, 11am-4 pm. Help us celebrate the opening of our brand new home, jointly provided by STEAM PEI and Ulnooweg Education Centre. We proudly inspire youth through learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). Join us for a day of hands-on, family friendly, Earth-day themed activities and programs with special guests such as Mi’gmaq author, Brandon Mitchell. Brandon will be joining us for a book signing of his recently released graphic novel, Giju’s Gift! Of course, there will be food and cake too! Located on the ground level of the Epekwitk Assembly of Councils Building in Downtown Charlottetown at 8 Stan MacPherson Way Contact: Amber Jadis amber@steampei.com

~ C.A.R.E. Parenting Program An organization working to support parents in Canada, a C.A.R.E. hands-on workshop presented by Dr. Tina Montreuil and Rayna Edels for parents, foster parents, adoptive parents and caregivers will be held virtually on May 17th 2022. Registration is $20 per person and is now open: here! It is a manual-based program aimed at improving child emotion regulation and well-being by improving parent emotion regulation abilities and increasing the use of positive parent emotion socialization practices. This workshop is taking place in the context of the 2022 Child and Youth Trauma Symposium

  1. School Calendar 2022-2023

Changes to School Calendar Support Canada Winter Games: The 2022/23 school calendar is now available. Next year’s calendar is similar to other years, with the major changes being the date of Winter Wellness Day, a return to having a School Goals Day in September, and a two week stretch without classes in February to support the Canada Winter Games. The 2022/23 school calendar has 195 total school days, the same as this year, and there are 179 instructional days.

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