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Safe and Caring Learning Environments – Operational Policy

Safe and Caring Learning Environments – Operational Procedure

To view Tumble Books (e-Books for Kids) online for free, click on Provincial Library Link & then select “Tumble Books – eBooks for Kids” on the provincial library website.

EBSCO – LOGIN: peiebsco   PASSWORD: database

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CyberSleuth Kids

Citation Maker

Stratford Elementary School Library

Math Websites

Basic Facts (free for teachers and parents)

Math Skill Bank (useful site to help reinforce math skills)

Horizon School Division 205  (Grade 1-7)  Math Games

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5 
Grade 6
Grade 7


Math Apps

Number Line (fractions, decimals and percents)

Clock Master (time)

Multiples (many versions depending on level)

Estimate Fractions (placing fractions on a number line)

Geoboard ( geometry)

Math Quiz Game Show (multiplication & division, fractions, algebra and more)

Numbler ( create math equations – different levels)

Itooch 5th grade math (measuring, estimating, fractions, place value – different levels )

Cover Up Math (solving algebraic equations)

Algebra Equation Builder




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