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SUMMER CAMPS 2021! Click below for information.

 Summer Opportunities 2021!!


We are very pleased to announce that our Smart Play programs have available spots for children ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 6!

We currently have spots available at the following locations;

  • Ferry Road
  • Spring Park
  • Stratford
  • Murphy’s
  • Cardigan
  • Vernon River

We are a play based learning, electronic free program with activities that are based around the children’s interest. Our goal is to get children outside and having as much fun as possible! Every day, we provide a healthy, fun and nutritious snack for the children to indulge in.

Our daily rates are 12.50$/day per child and 22.00$/day for PD days and storm days.

If you are interested in registering for fall, please go to the ECDA website to register your child. We will be contacting external families in June for registration.

Island Montessori Academy (IMA)

With three educational campuses, Island Montessori Academy’s (IMA) mission is to provide excellence in early childhood education to prepare your child for their future enrolment in the Prince Edward Island school system. We do this by providing our students with an exceptional learning environment that encourages natural curiosity, creative problem solving, and building confidence in our students’ natural abilities. We see ourselves as partners with parents on the meaningful learning journey of their children. We focus on the fundamental curriculum of Doctor Maria Montessori which includes Early Reading and Writing through the use of phonetics, Creative Writing and Poetry, as well as an emphasis on the Introduction to Language, Art, Arithmetic and Sciences. In addition, Island Montessori Academy offers exposure to French, Mandarin, Dance, Music and Physical Education.                                                                                                                              

(Kindergarten to Grade 5)

The Montessori Enrichment Program is an extension of learning for children in the school system from kindergarten to Grade 5. It is a continuation of the Montessori method and uses many of the materials and activities. The program builds upon each child’s ability and skills and enhances their learning experience. The Montessori method involves starting with concrete materials and moving to more abstract encompassing math, language, science and culture. During the session students receive a nutritious snack and engage in activities that indirectly teach many skills.

The Enrichment program is a great way to offer extended academic support in a fun and engaging environment that your child will love.                                                                                

(Kindergarten to Grade 6)

The after school program is a play-based care option. We pick up the children from school each day and provide them with a bright space to relax, unwind and enjoy social time after the school day.

A nutritious snack is provided along with fun activities, crafts and games each day based on the interest of the children. We also offer a variety of other specialty programs such as fitness and music classes.                                                                                                                           

Please contact IMA if you are interested in one of our after-school programs.

902-628-8182 or email

Feel free to pop onto our website for further information:

Community news:

  • PROTECT CANADIAN KIDS: Nicotine levels in e-cigarettes must be reduced to protect Canadian kids . Kids who try vaping products are at high risk of becoming addicted users. By the time kids finish high school, 1/3 are vaping. Health Canada is proposing to limit the amount of nicotine that can be sold in vaping liquids to 20 mg/ml. This is the level that the European Union adopted several years ago. The vaping rates among young people in the European Union are far lower than those in Canada. In Canada, some e-cigarettes have nicotine levels of 59 or 57 mg/ml, placing Canadian kids at risk and contributing to very high levels of youth vaping in Canada. You can help protect Canadian kids by letting Health Canada know that you support this important regulation. For more information:



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