Community Notes

BONSHAW YOUNG CHORISTERS ~~ for children and youth under 16 is resuming Saturdays, January  the 19th 2019 from 2-3:30, at the Bonshaw Community Centre.  Emphasis will  be on listening and harmonizing together, sight-singing, and singing in other languages.  Singing is a wonderfully joyful way to be together, enhancing listening skills and learning about rhythms, tempos, harmonies, and expressive singing. Physiologically, singing together promotes cardiovascular fitness, improved mood and alertness, and a sense of being uplifted.  Because singing involves  many different areas of the brain working together, there are cognitive benefits as well, such as improvements in auditory discrimination like reading ability and phonological development.  Parent feedback: “We are so impressed with the skills you’re teaching and love, love, love that you expect a lot from them & don’t shy away from complex tasks.  They are absolutely capable & it’s nice for a teacher to recognize that.”
To register contact Ruth Lacey at 675-4282 or




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