About Us

Welcome to our site!  We are continually working on this site to better serve our school partners and community.

Noteworthy Items

In our grade 4-6 school we teach Language Arts, Math, Humanities, Physical Education, Music, Core French, and we offer a Strings program to selected students.    We are a dual track school, which means we offer French Immersion programs at all grade levels for core subjects.  We have Resource Based teacher that offers support to teachers and students when accessing the library.  A full time resource teacher is also in place to support student learning.   We also,  strongly encourage the integration of technology into the curriculum.

We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities for our students.  Students are involved in intramural activities that operate during the school noon hour.  This opportunity is available to all students who wish to participate.  During the colder months, we operate an indoor games room and we open the library for students to complete school work or read.  We aim to offer different opportunities for our students to engage in activities that appeal to their interests during recess.

As extension our Physical education and intramural programs, our students participate in various PEISAA programs that are available to these grade levels such as: badminton, cross country, track and field, and wrestling.

We also provide: drama club, recorder club, guitar club, choir,  and rock band. Stratford Elementary annually produces a musical. It is the highlight of the year for many.

Please remember that we  are a peanut/nut and seafood free school.  Any treats being sent to school must be free of peanuts/nuts and seafood.  Please check ingredients.  Thank you for helping to keep our school safe.


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