Tuesday, September 29th – Day 3

It’s Terrific Tuesday 🙂

Today is Picture Day for grades 3 and 4

Wednesday is Picture Day for grades 5 and 6

Wednesday is also Orange Shirt Day

In regards to schooling, Dr. Morrison clarified some guidelines that are currently in effect saying that students and staff must stay home when they are ill in order to limit the spread of sickness within the school and the workplace. If a student or staff tested negative for Covid-19 but still displayed mild-symptoms they should consider the following:

Students/Staff should not return to school despite the negative test:

– If they have on-going fever or chills.
– If they are not well enough to fully engage in learning or their jobs.
– If the symptoms are not improving
– If there are new symptoms

Students/Staff could return to school:

– If they are fever free for 24 hours without the reduce of fever reducing medication
– If they have very mild symptoms
– If symptoms improve
– If there are no new symptoms
– If they feel well enough to fully engage in learning or work.

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