Dear Grade 6 Students & Parents:

It is our pleasure to inform all of you about our end of the school year gathering here at Stratford Elementary.  As you can imagine, there has been lots of planning on how we can celebrate 165 Grade 6 students while following the guidelines from our CPHO.  This is what we have planned:
-We will be celebrating on June 17th and 18th and your homeroom teacher will give you a time to arrive and dismiss.
-Each student may be accompanied by two guests (maximum of three people including the student.)  This needs to be respected as we have number restrictions.
-All students and two guests will line up in the bus zone at a pylon.  Staff will be in the area to instruct you.
-Students will enter the Gym by the side door; guests to follow.
-Each student’s name will be announced and he/she will proceed to the stage; walk onto the stage; pick up his/her Grade Six Certificate and exit the stage (guest can take pictures.)
-The student will then go to the area marked two meters from his/her teacher for a photo, if desired.
-The student and guests will exit the Gym. The student may join his classmates in the designated area on the playground while the guests return to their vehicles and wait for their student.
-Students will be able to do activities with their class group and teacher.  Time slots will be 45 minutes long and this includes the Gym and playground activities.
Janet Cameron

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