Hi Everyone:

I hope your family is healthy during this very different time. I can tell you that it is very surreal at the school. I am there one or two days a week. Today our administration team is distributing chrome books to the first round of students needing such a device. Last week teachers had a chance to come into the school to gather materials and any belongings they needed. I can tell you that more than a few were very saddened when they entered their empty classrooms. I found one teacher in the library crying at a loss for words on how she was feeling with the reality of not working with her students for the rest of the school year. It is very strange for teachers not to be on a strong path of teaching in May until mid June. They are committed to giving students the opportunity to learn. The new norm is so different for all of us.

This year has brought us many differences like having to cancel our yearbook. Much of the intense work that goes into a yearbook is done between March break and the end of April. This work takes a lot of coordination between teachers and the materials they provide for publication. This was not able to happen this year so we do not have what is needed for such a book to go to print. We do regret this as the yearbook has been a tradition at Stratford Elementary for many years.

We are working on how to have students collect their belongings, give out report cards and do a send off for this school year. We will keep you posted as we will be following the Chief Public Health Office recommendations.
Principal Cameron

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