May 14th (Tuesday)–DAY 4

First Recess–
Dance Group
Regarding those students attending Grade 7 at Stonepark next year, information will be going home soon regarding band testing.
First Recess–
high jump (150 m tomorrow)
-Zone 3 Track & Field Meet at UPEI Friday, May 24th. Permission Forms will be sent home with students who are on the team.
-Provincial Track & Field Meet at UPEI Saturday, June 1st.
May 14th (7-8 p.m.)–Gr. 6 Parent Information Meeting-Stonepark
May 20th–Statutory Holiday–No Classes
May 24th–Deadline for Grade 6 Magic Mountain fee. Cost: $50.00
May 24th–Zone 3 Track & Field Meet at UPEI
May 28th (6 p.m.)–Parent Information Meeting for future Grades 3 & 4. School supply fee due May 30th.
May 30th–Deadline for present Grade 4 and Grade 5 school supply fee.
June 1st–Provincial Track & Field Meet at UPEI
June 7th–Deadline for Grade 5 year-end trip fee
June 20th (Rain Date: June 19th)-Grade 6 year-end trip to Magic Mountain.
June 25th–Grade 5 year-end trip (swimming & a movie).
June 26th–Grade 6 Closing (9 a.m.) & Final Day of Classes
-Grade 5 students will be travelling by bus to Holland College for a Water Conservation presentation to complement their Science curriculum. Students are required to bring a “peanut free, fish free” bagged lunch and snacks. The bus will leave Stratford Elementary at 8:40 a.m. each day and return prior to 2:15 p.m. Listed below are the dates for each class:
Tuesday, May 14th–5G & 5Z  TODAY
Wednesday ,May 15th–5F & 5E
Thursday ,May 16th–5A & 5D
Friday, May 17th–5B & 5C
Please remember NOT to order lunch on-line for that day.
-Grade 4 students are off to Allisary Marsh, Mount Stewart on the following days:
Group 1-Tuesday, May 28th–4D & 4B leaving at 8:30 a.m. and returning for lunch.
Group 2-Tuesday, May 28th–4C & 4A leaving at 10:30 a.m. and returning at 2 p.m.
Group 3-Wednesday, May 29th–4F, 4G, 4Z leaving at 8:30 a.m. and returning for lunch.
Reminder to check the “Community Notes” tab on a regular basis for updates on local activities, summer camps, etc.
Information going home with Grade 6 students today regarding their upcoming trip to Roma National Historic Site at Three Rivers.
Mrs. Newson will be holding a book sale on Friday, June 14 for students to stock up for their summer reading! The books being sold have been weeded from the library shelves, but they still have a couple of good reads left in them.  Soft covered books will sell for .50¢ each and hard covered books for $1. If you have some gently used children’s books (appropriate for grades 3-6) that you would like to donate to the sale, Mrs. Newson will gladly accept them. All proceeds from the sale will go toward new books/materials for the library. Stay tuned for further information on sale time and location!
It has been brought to our attention that “All About Golf”  are Closed starting May 4th and not reopening until November; therefore, the four coupons are invalid. We apologize for this oversight.
We welcome Madison Peters, UPEI student, to our school today. She’ll be with us over the next 3 days completing this portion of her practicum.
The Veseys order has arrived!!
The pick up location is 30 Mullaghmore Dr. (off Langley Rd., the house with the camper in the driveway).
Pick up times are as follows:
Tuesday May 14 from 4-7pm
Thursday May 16 from 4-6pm
Please only come during designated times!
If you can not pick up your order during these times, please email Willena at to arrange an alternate time.
Thank you for your support!


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