April 11th (Wednesday)–DAY 2

No after school rehearsals this week.
First Recess–Glee
Second Recess–Rhythm Group
First Recess–
Badminton Team practice
The top 3 players in singles and the top 2 teams in doubles from the school tournament will go on to represent Stratford at the Zone 3 Championship on April 15th (Doubles) and April 16th & 17th (Singles). The Provincial championship will take place April 30th & May 4th. 
April 12th–School Goals Day–No Classes
April 16th–Deadline for Playground Fundraiser (Vessey’s Bulbs)
April 16th–Home & School Meeting (6:30 p.m.)
April 18th–Yearbook order deadline
April 19th–Statutory Holiday–No Classes
April 22nd–Statutory Holiday–No Classes
April 23rd & 24th–Coupon Booklet Orders
April 29th–Easter Seals Ambassador, Ty MacLeod arrives
May 2nd–Coupon Booklets sent home
May 3–Area Association Meetings–No Classes
May 9th (6 p.m.)–Gr. 6 Parent Information Meeting-Birchwood
May 10th (a.m.)–Grade 6 Orientation at Birchwood/Stonepark
May 14th (7-8 p.m.)–Gr. 6 Parent Information Meeting-Stonepark
May 20th–Statutory Holiday–No Classes
June 26th–Grade 6 Closing (9 a.m.) & Final Day of Classes
We encourage students to pack extra clothing (socks, mitts, pants, etc.) in kit bags during this time of unsettled, sloppy, hopefully spring-like weather!
(1) Our annual fundraising for Easter Seals is underway. A donation may be submitted on-line or sent to your child’s homeroom teacher. The Easter Seals Ambassador, Ty MacLeod, will arrive at 9:10 a.m. Monday, April 29th.
(2) Order forms for coupon booklets were sent home with students. The orders will be received on Tuesday, April 23rd or Wednesday, April 24th. The booklets will be sent home on Thursday, May 2nd.
(3)Vessey’s Bulb fundraising– Please share the catalog with family and friends! All funds raised will go toward the new back playground. Extra forms available in the office. Cash or check accepted–please make checks payable to “Stratford Schools Playground Committee.”
Order deadline: April 16th.
Stephanie Freire  –  safreire@ihis.org
Willena Lanigan  –  wlanigan@eastlink.ca
Thank you in advance for your support!
Classes have been matched with teams this morning. The class with the NHL Stanley Cup winning team will receive a pizza party. We’ll have lots of fun watching these play-offs unfold!

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