January 22nd (Tuesday)–DAY 5

First Recess: 
Honour Choir
Second Recess: 
Glee Club–new members welcome!
Permission forms are available at the Gym for students who are interested in attending our “After School Badminton Club”. The program will run from 2:30-3:30 p.m. from January 29th until March 7th:
Tuesdays-Grade 5
Thursdays-Grade 6
Reminder: Students must have after school transportation arranged prior to arrival at school.
 First Recess–Intramurals-Grade 5 girls
Sports Field–Field 1-Gr.4; Field 2-Gr.6
Sleds–cancelled due to ice
Hill–Grade 6 (pending ice review)
(An announcement will be made regarding today’s recesses taking into account the icy conditions and windchill factor–students may have to remain inside). 
Second Recess:
A meeting for “Fun Day” Leadership students.
SCIENCE FAIR  (March 5th):
-First Recess: A meeting will be held for Science Fair participants who haven’t given their topic.
-Extra help will be offered in Room 128 after school (2:30-3:30 p.m.) on Thursday, January 24th and February 7th. Transportation must be arranged prior to arrival at school. Students are reminded to please pack an extra snack!
Second Recess–a meeting will be held in Room 155 for all students interested.

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