The Town of Stratford will be installing pedestrian crossing flags at 3 busy crosswalks in our community in the very near future.
The following locations will have them installed:

  1. Crossing Stratford Road at the Marion Dr and Southport Dr newly installed crosswalk
  2. Crossing Bunbury Road at Cotton Park (near the former library)
  3. Crossing Bunbury Road at Horton Park into the Bunbury Mall
    Pedestrians crossing at these crosswalks should:
    -Take an orange flag from the holder
    -Raise it towards the street in front of themselves. It can be waved to get the attention of drivers as well.
    -Wait for traffic to stop in both directions to make sure they have been seen by the cars
    -Cross the street holding the flag in front of them or above their head
    -Leave the flag in the holder on the other side of the street
    If the crosswalk flag pilot proves to be beneficial the Town may consider additional ones in the community as well.
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