The school’s yearbook committee is very excited to inform you that it’s time to start thinking about ordering you very own copy of the 2019-2020 yearbook. The group has been working hard, taking so many photos and compiling the events and highlights from the school year. The group is especially excited to share the new approach Stonepark is taking with the yearbook. Here’s what’s new with our yearbook, including a short promo video (check below video for ordering options)!

  • More options for purchase!
      1. We have moved onto a new publishing company, Picaboo Yearbooks, who provides more options besides the classic hardcover.
        1. Hardcover – $35.00 
        2. Softcover – $25.00 
        3. E-Yearbook – $5.00 
  • Ordering Online
      1. All ordering is done online through the Stonepark Yearbook Store. Through the provided website below, you can order your yearbook. The publisher does require you to create an account to make your order. Payment is made through the publisher and done online as well, so no money needs to be sent to the school.
      2. The school does provide a deadline in order to compile all orders into one bulk shipment to the school. In order to save on shipping costs for your order, we have set a deadline for April 30, 2020. If there are enough books ordered by that date, there will be no shipping costs attached to the yearbooks. 
  • Orders can be made after the deadline
      1. If someone wishes to order a yearbook after the deadline, an order can still be made. Simply use the same website, make your order and it can be shipped directly to your home. The only disadvantage is the shipping cost; you are responsible for the cost of shipping. 
  • Personalization Option
    1. Once a yearbook is ordered, your son or daughter can add four pages to their own yearbook for FREE! On these pages, they can add their own photos and memories from their year or years at Stonepark. The publisher provides all the guidance necessary through video tutorials. It’s easy and a great way to make the yearbook their very own.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the Teacher-Facilitator,  Gerard Beaton at






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