April Newsletter

Even though we’re not together physically, there are still a number of things to report on in our April Newsletter.

Take care!

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A Message from the PSB

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students;

We appreciate that this continues to be a busy time for families and the learning opportunities happening for students at home may be both rewarding and, at times, frustrating. The Minister of Education and Lifelong Learning (DELL) said at his briefing last evening: ‘Schools are the heart of our communities and they are reaching out to parents and students in ways they have never before.’ By many accounts, so far, this new way of learning is going well. It was clear that there was a high level of engagement happening when listening to a student, parent, and one of our teachers recently on the evening news. We offer our sincere appreciation for the efforts that are taking place in homes across the Island right now.

Everybody is Working Hard

Our staff have been working very hard over the last week, with our partners at the DELL, preparing for this new reality and how we will continue to create learning opportunities for students. Our teachers and staff care very deeply about the success of students and their commitment to ensuring that students have the skills they need to be successful is unchanged, even in these challenging times.

We are also realizing that our education system does not stand by itself. We are linked with everyone’s realities and we are partners dealing with this global health crisis. We are all working hard under these circumstances, including following all the health advice of the Chief Public Health Office, to make this transition to home learning as seamless as possible. What students, parents, and teachers are doing has never been done before in our lifetime. Feeling successful as we learn and work differently is going to take some time. It is appropriate to start slowly while we establish new routines. Our teachers are presently looking at ways to develop and share learning resources that will be helpful to students, parents, and learning.

Learning Materials for Students

We understand that some of our students and parents are interested in collecting learning materials at their schools to support learning at home. We are exploring ways to do this that would follow the necessary health requirements of the Chief Public Health Office. We thank everyone for their patience and we look forward to providing you with more information in the future.

A basic school supply package including paper, pencils, and scribblers is being made available for any student or parent who may not have access to these materials at this time. Families are asked to contact the Support for Families line at 902-368-5155 or supportforfamilies@edu.pe.ca for further information and assistance.

School Trips

Due to COVID-19, the PSB has canceled all in-province and out-of-province student travel for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This includes all end of year field trips. Non-fundraised money that students or parents paid directly toward school trips will be returned. Schools that have been impacted by this decision are currently working with the PSB to return non-fundraised money back to families as soon as possible.

The PSB is committed to ensuring that our students have what they need to be successful. We are looking forward to the date when we can welcome our students back into our face-to-face learning environments to continue the learning and the great experiences everyone expects of public education. What will remain the same until then is that the relationships we have with students and parents matter a great deal. We are in this together and education will continue as we move forward.

We thank everyone for their support and we look forward to connecting and working with students and parents in the days ahead.

Parker Grimmer

Director, Public Schools Branch

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Cooking Video #2 from Mr. Stratton

Our favorite chef, Mr. Stratton, is back in the kitchen showing you how to prepare homemade french fries and sweet potato fries, along with some shoutouts to some Stonepark Tigers who have shared creations from their own kitchens!

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Mr. Harkness’ Fitness Video

Here is a video made by our own Mr. Harkness to give you an easy workout to do at home! Stay tuned for more!


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Many Award activities have been cancelled, but there are tons of new ones you can try from home instead. We have worked with our partners and global Award family to develop a list of activities you can do from the comfort of your own home.



In today’s virtual world learning a new skill is easier than ever. To help give you a little inspiration, we’ve begun to develop a list of new skills you can develop to keep your Award on track from home!

Check out the list​ below:

  • Try Growing Minds’ online well being and mindfulness course
  • Sharpen your photography skills with Sharp Shots Photo Club’s online course
  • Complete ICC Educate’s online Awesome Exporting course
  • Learn to cook in your own kitchen
  • Learning sign language
  • Learn first aid with St John Ambulance
  • Learn to play an instrument – use YouTube or other online videos to help you
  • Learn to knit, sew or crochet
  • Make birthday / greeting cards – learning to do decoupage or print screen
  • Learn some DIY skills – help out with any jobs at home
  • Learn to garden – set up a vegetable or herb plot at home
  • Create an app to help with online learning for primary students
  • Learn to conjure / do magic tricks
  • Learn coding and programming skills online
  • Research your family: set up a family tree online and use resources to find out more about them – call your family to chat about their memories and family stories – ask them to send copies of birth and death certificates to help you in your research – how far can you go back?
  • Reading; write and share a book review of each one you read
  • Painting, drawing or model making
  • Table top gaming
  • Film making or vlogging
  • Learn to build a website
  • Put up a birdfeeder and learn about the birds coming to your garden
  • Meditation – Headspace app


Physical Recreation


Continue reading

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Accessing a Student Google Education Account

Dear students, parents, guardians, and caregivers –

Over the past week, we were able to make personal calls to thousands of households to share student login information for our Google Education accounts. We realize that for some of you, we were not able to make a successful connection. If you or a student in your care is still experiencing a challenge logging into their account at https://www.google.com/, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

We have also created a quick reference guide for how students can login to their Google account from home – https://tinyurl.com/guidetoclassroom (4MB). Using the Google Chrome browser is also recommended.

Tips for Home Learning have been published by the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning and can be found by visiting:



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April Home and School News

Classrooms at home. Students can access online learning opportunities provided by the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning April PEI Home and School column.
“With the global pandemic of COVID-19 in PEI, we need to support each other now more than ever…..”
Cory Thomas, president of the P.E.I. Home and School Federation, lives in Summerside with his wife and two children, who both attend Elm Street Elementary School. His column appears in The Guardian during the school year on the first Friday of the month. He welcomes comments from readers and information for the column. He can be reached at peihsf.ca or 902-620-3186.

COVID-19 Information

Home Learning Resources
During the period while students and educators are away from school, they can access online learning opportunities provided by the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning. Parents and students are asked to refer to the public schools branch website for Home Learning Resources.

Student Services Facebook
The Public Schools Branch Student Services put up a Facebook page that provides educational information to parents and caregivers in an organized fashion. Check it out! @psbstudentservices

Support For Families

Support for families is available from island education authorities at the public schools branch and CSLF. Call 902 368-5155 or email: supportforfamilies@edu.pe.ca . Families can leave a message and support workers will respond to find out more specifics around the needs.

PEI School Food Project

The PEI Home and School Federation in collaboration with the Dept. of Education and Lifelong Learning, Department of Social Development and Housing, Public Schools Branch and Breakfast Club of Canada, is assisting families in need by delivering healthy meals to children.
Check PEI School Food Project on Facebook.

Triple 3 Online Support for Parents

To help families cope in this uncertain time when face-to-face appointments are not advisable, find free online sessions for parents with children/youth ages 0-16. Contact: Katie Duffy, Triple P Coordinator, Child and Family Services /Social Development and Housing kmduffy@ihis.org 902-368-6762

Public Archives and Records Office

Public Archives wants to know about the impacts of #PEICOVID19 on Islanders. You are asked to share messages, photos and/or stories about the effects on your life and work – so they can document and preserve this significant event for history.” Go to Public Archives.

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate and thank Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers.

This year’s theme is: “It’s time to applaud this country’s volunteers.”

Welcome to Kindergarten Program
Update: Due to the current circumstances around COVID-19, the scheduled Welcome to Kindergarten sessions have been canceled for the time being. An updated schedule of events will be posted at a later date.

School Calendar

The Department of Education and Lifelong Learning posted the 2020-2021 School Calendar.

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Video Message to Stonepark Families

We have a short video message for all Stonepark families:

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PEI School Food Project

PEI School Food Project

During these difficult times it is important that we continue to assist families experiencing financial difficulties and food insecurity. We know a number of private businesses, food banks, and other community organizations have already stepped up to support students and families with food challenges. To complement these great efforts, the Provincial government is partnering with the PEI Home and School Federation and the Breakfast Club of Canada to assist as many families and children as possible during the COVID-19 crisis.

Beginning the week of March 30, prepared meals and snacks will be provided to families who register for support. Please help ensure your school’s families that may need help are aware of these supports and that they register by calling 902-368-5155 or emailing supportforfamilies@edu.pe.ca


Projet d’alimentation en milieu scolaire de l’Î.-P.-É.
En ces temps difficiles, il est important que nous continuions à aider les familles faisant face à des défis financiers et à de l’insécurité alimentaire. Nous savons qu’il y a déjà un certain nombre d’entreprises privées, de banques alimentaires et autres organisations communautaires qui se sont engagées à appuyer les élèves et les familles qui ont de la difficulté à se nourrir. Pour ajouter à ces grands efforts, le gouvernement provincial s’est joint à la PEI Home and School Federation et au Club des petits déjeuners du Canada pour aider à autant de familles et d’enfants que possible lors de la crise de la COVID-19.
À compter de la semaine du 30 mars, des collations et des repas préparés seront fournis aux familles qui s’inscriront pour obtenir du soutien. Veuillez vous assurer que les familles de votre école qui pourraient avoir besoin d’aide soient au courant de ce soutien et qu’ils s’inscrivent en composant le 902-368-5155 ou en envoyant un courriel à supportforfamilies@edu.pe.ca.

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Hello Video from Our Staff

We hope everyone is doing well, and to say hello, our staff would like to share this video with you:

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