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The Zipthru cards are up and running (they are going phenomenal this year, lots of students already have them!) and are available at any point during the day. However, to activate a new card we would prefer the students come first thing in the morning when they arrive at school or at the end of lunch when most students have already been through the line-up. The reason for this is it can take a few minutes for a new activation and we try not to hold anyone up.
Parents can purchase/load a card for their child(ren) by either sending a sum of money with the child (minimum $20 load), or they can go online to and purchase a card with their credit card. If they choose to purchase online they will receive an e-mail from zip thru containing an e-certificate. They must print the certificate and send it with the child to transfer the paid balance onto a card.
If a sum of money is sent with the child for a card, the child must take their card home and have their parent register the card on the website (this is shared with the student when they load a card). The reason for this is if the student happens to lose/misplace/have their card stolen (hopefully not!), they can go on the website and REPORT the card as lost or stolen, this way Zipthru can contact the cafeteria manageress and we can have the balance from the old card transferred to a new card. Any cards purchased online are already registered with the site.
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