Tuesday – Day 4

1 Soft Chicken Taco with lettuce, tomato, cheese, served with Mexican Rice & corn, and small milk or juice – $5.75

Grade 7 low brass musicians will meet in the band room today at 12:05 for a rehearsal. Please bring your instrument and music binder with you.

The gym will be open today 3:00-4:30 for those boys in grade 7 who are are interested in trying out for the school basketball team. There will be drills and the opportunity to play. Please wear mask in the change room. Players must sign up in advance outside the gym door.

1)The first official basketball team tryouts will begin on Wednesday. All girls interested are asked to attend the tryout on Wednesday 4-5:45 pm. All boys are asked to attend 6-7:30. All players must sign up on the sheet outside the gym and all players must leave the school at 3 and return to the gym dressed and ready to go for your scheduled time. This includes all A and AA players. Parents are not permitted in the gym and must meet you outside for pick up. See Mrs. Steele for more information.

2) Players are asked to use the side entrance facing MacLeod field and are reminded that parents are not allowed in the gym during practice. Please arrange to be picked up at 7:30.
All players interested in playing AA or A basketball should attend this tryout.



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