Friday, Dec. 20, 2019 Day 6


Lost & Found:
Please check the lost and Found table set up at the main doors. The items will be there until lunchtime today.

®Youth Winter Camp:

The Youth Empowerment Programme PEI that runs out of Birchwood, Stonepark and SIS is offering its annual winter camp for junior high students aged 11 – 15. The Programme is designed to help junior youth develop their ability to express themselves, make good decisions, plan projects to help their community and build true friendships with others.


The camps will accomplish this through the following activities:


  • Playing cooperative sports
  • Sharing stories with morals
  • Group discussions
  • Creating art projects – music, drama, painting
  • Planning projects to help their community – visiting seniors and children to share games and stories

Lunch is provided. The camps are meant to be affordable to everyone, so the cost is $ 40. However, full scholarships are automatically available if it’s needed.


If you would like members of our team to visit to share more about the camps, please contact 902-217-5780 or email

DPA:     Will be inside today.


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